Let's start with white people adopting black children

If anything, if you are that concerned about black children being with black families, start up a program or foundation that can help black businesses prosper, help black families get in a better financial state to adopt those black children. Don’t just complain or be concerned about white people adopting black children. What are “concerned blacks” going to do for black children in shelters? What is the solution?

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Below are a few reasons why some people believe white people are adopting black children

Why White People Adopt Black Children

I don’t think it’s wrong for white people to adopt black children, the same as I don’t think it’s wrong for a black couple to adopt a child with downs syndrome. After all it’s red blood that runs through all our veins.

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Black social workers formed a position statement protesting the practice of white people adopting black children. They made some very valid observations, and for a long time, it just wasn't much of an option. But the world changed some, and people realized kids waiting for homes and forever families don't have the luxury of time to wait til the world sorts its self out. I also said, we have submitted on our application for adoption that we would consider a child of any ethnic/racial background. But we aren't Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie We have friends and extended family who are nonwhite but we'd probably need to actively seek out people in a specific ethnic community for education and possibly support.

However, in the United States, too, many black social workers are dead set against white people adopting black children.
Adesiove says, “It’s undeniable that there is something out of the ordinary about white people adopting black children. This is even more so in the case of celebrities, where it seems to have become a trend in recent years.”
There is a mass of white people adopting black children because they love them

Black parents who adopt white children ..

It’s not a celebrity trend. Every time a celebrity sneezes, much less adopts a child, we hear about it. We just don’t hear about the other 26% of white people adopting black children. Why should it be abnormal for a white person to love a black child as their own. I find it ironic that black civil leaders fought to end discrimination and repression, and in today’s society we have black media figures saying that white people should just adopt white children. I wish I could ask Martin Luther King if that would fit the definition of discrimination~?

(There were also some digs about white people adopting black children, but those were deleted)

What Adopting a White Girl Taught One Black Family

(CNN) -- "White people adopt black kids to make themselves feel good... A black child needs black parents to raise it." "Maybe she adopted one because the blacks in the community wouldn't step forward and adopt?" "What's the big deal? If no white person ever adopted a black child, they'd be saying why don't white people adopt black children." "Who cares what race they are? A woman got a child, a child got a mother...it's BEAUTIFUL!!! And yes I am black...if it matters."

If I Was in Charge of Revising MEPA: Some Books for White People Adopting Black Children

the adoption of black children by white families as "cultural ..

For those of you who are against white people adopting black children, did you ever see the movie ‘Losing Isaiah? Where a baby was adopted by a loving white family then taken away by his crack addicted mother because she was the same race as him and how it affected him? How did you feel about that?
The most important thing is that this child has someone to love him, which I’m sure Sandra does, not what color skin she has.