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I've been accused of being a lot of things, mostly in excess: too militant, too radical, too left, too sensitive, too...basically too much on one side but I don't think I'm being too sensitive when I remark on a small on msn. Recently interviewed and very pregnant, Heidi Klum made the statement,

"In Germany — and this started with a newspaper headline — they call us `the Patchwork Family...I was like, `Hmm, is this an insult or is this positive?' I talked to Seal about it, and we're, like, it's actually kind of great — we're all different shades and we came together and we all love each other."

The patchwork family. The idea that there had to be an official name to it is indeed troublesome. Positive, I declare would be remarks that state they are a beautiful or loving family. Again, race is a focal point. I'm sure Seal gave a pleasantly benign response to Heidi's question, refusing to dig deeper into why his hue or the hues of his son and soon to be born second child would play a role in the description of his family in his wife's native homeland. How will Heidi and Klum tackle race in their household? Unintelligently and uninformed I would imagine. How will they tackle the inevitable (if it hasn't happedned already, exoticism of their children by others? As compliments I suspect.

In other news, check out this in the New York Times that discusses the, dare I say, trend in adoption --- white people adopting Black babies...

Why do white people adopt black babies

whats with all these white people adopting black babies? Can’t they afford to “buy” a white baby?

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i don’t get why people are “worried” about people adopting babies of a different skin colour to them. (or is it just to do with white people adopting black babies? would you be just as worried if a black family had adopted a white baby?)
a child is a child, every child that doesn’t have a home, deserves a home, surely that’s as simple as it gets?

We Still Care About White People Adopting Black Babies

I am so with the other comments of her adopting a black baby. There are so many babies you hear of in Romania and many other countries where their Moms and Dads have abandoned them and need people to adopt them. What in the hell do white people adopting black babies know about the black culture except the black people??? There are tons of white babies out there! It just doesnt look right. Angelina, Sandra, Charlize? The kids are going to be asked a million and a half questions going through school and in their teenage years! I just can’t see it. It seems as though they are adopting black children like it is the next purse accessory for their wardrobes. Not good. Let the blacks adopt the blacks and the whites adopt the whites!!!!!!!!1

African Americans have every reason to be suspicious of white people adopting black babies.
The problem with white people adopting black babies is it messes with the babies life

Why White People Adopt Black Children | MyBrownBaby

The problem with white people adopting black babies is it messes with the babies life. They grow up with white customs and values and in school with be drawn to white people more but they still wont fit in 100% with them. On the other hand they wont fit in 100% with the black people because their customs are different. This leaves them half in each group and not 100% accepted by either

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Are ‘a Whole Bunch of White People’ Adopting Black Kids

Damien Lemon gives a shout out to all the white people adopting black babies.

Adopted by loving white parents as a baby 42 years ago, ..