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“The Wise Fools of Gotham” from Noodlehead ... you will do some reading and answer questions about what you have ... the girl are free under the rice moon. Page 17.

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Fourth Grade Reading: “Under the Rice Moon” by Rhiannon Puck ... 4th Grade DIRECTIONS: The following questions are based upon the two selections that you just ....

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Writing Prompts for ... Before you begin writing, ... Middle School Writing About Literature Prompts 1. "Under the Rice Moon" tells a story about a caged bird and ....

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The swallow looses all hope and thinks nobody will ever set him free. But when this sick girl awakes to the bird staring at her, she feels his pain. She knows how how bad it feels to be locked up in a cage and loose all of her freedom. She takes the bird to her window and opens the cage. The little girl asks the bird to fly under the rice moon for her too. The bird is confused because all of his other owners just left him in his cage, but he finally gets it and flys away.

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Presents the short story `Under the Rice Moon' concerning a swallow bird that desires to escape from its rattan cage but is frustrated by the inability of human to understand its wishes.

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Langmyra Skolemusikkorps at the Norwegian Championship for School Bands in Larvik 2011. They are playing "Under the Rice Moon" by Victor Lopez. WIth this and two other songs they won first place.