If I can go off topic for just a minute–I’m in need of sock suggestions. I need a sock for tap dancing. My shoes fit pretty snug, so it can’t be too bulky, and it needs to fit fairly snug too so my food doesn’t slide around in the sock causing rubbing. It it could be supportive–that would be a bonus. Are there any dancers out there that can help?

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I need to choose a topic for just a minute session from latest current affairs?

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Let me take you off topic for just a minute. My 7 year old son is in grade one at Cleveland Elementary School. The principle Doug Beveridge is a blogger. He wrote a post recently that was touching, personal and I felt connected. I didn’t have to meet with him face to face. This happened purely by the power of writing a blog post. It is pretty cool. Check it out if you are interested. I learned all over again how storytelling and writing from the heart creates impact:

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Now staying on the gross margin topic for just a minute. I'm pretty sure you have at least a few questions on input costs for 2015. Now let me start by saying that overall the impact of pricing versus product cost on gross margin is about neutral and the impact of each is relatively small. That is the impact of pricing increases and product cost increases are both minimal. Given our ability to improve our gross margins through a favorable mix, we view that as good news.

If I can go off topic for just a minute–I'm in need of sock suggestions
Before I discuss the high-speed rail, I'll be off topic for just a minute and a half

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We want justice for those poor girls who were pack raped in Roxburgh Park!' 'Hi guys, im getting off topic for just a minute as i really need. Visitor Posts.

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Great starter. A list of topics you can put into 'classroom tools fruit machine' on Google. Pupils talk about one topic for just a minute.

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