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Essay can be anywhere from two paragraphs to many, depending on how deep into the topic you want to go. Topic essays, as well as ideas for future topics, should be submitted to Christian via the form on our Web site.

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The Gospel Topic Essays have been approved by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and are meant to be easily accessed by Church members and others looking for the Truth about Mormons.

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The Church places great emphasis on knowledge and on the importance of being well informed about Church history, doctrine, and practices. Ongoing historical research, revisions of the Church’s curriculum, and the use of new technologies allowing a more systematic and thorough study of scriptures have all been pursued by the Church to that end. We again encourage members to study the Gospel Topics essays cited in the links to the right as they “seek learning, even by study and also by faith.” — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Educational assessment applications, as well as other natural-language interfaces, need some mechanism for validating user responses. If the input provided to the system is infelicitous or uncooperative, the proper response may be to simply reject it, to route it to a bin for special processing, or to ask the user to modify the input. If problematic user input is instead handled as if it were the system's normal input, this may degrade users' confidence in the software, or suggest ways in which they might try to “game” the system. Our specific task in this domain is the identification of student essays which are “off-topic”, or not written to the test question topic. Identification of off-topic essays is of great importance for the commercial essay evaluation system CriterionSM. The previous methods used for this task required 200–300 human scored essays for training purposes. However, there are situations in which no essays are available for training, such as when users (teachers) wish to spontaneously write a new topic for their students. For these kinds of cases, we need a system that works reliably without training data. This paper describes an algorithm that detects when a student's essay is off-topic without requiring a set of topic-specific essays for training. This new system is comparable in performance to previous models which require topic-specific essays for training, and provides more detailed information about the way in which an essay diverges from the requested essay topic.

Identification of off-topic essays is of great importance for the commercial ..

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In this paper, we describe a method for identifying off-topic essays that does not.

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