The Whiskey Ring scandal even came to the steps of the White House

After the perfect space materialized on Cherokee Street, co-owners John Joern and Jason Matthews made the leap. A major remodel (90 percent of which was accomplished in-house) created the simple, slightly rustic interior that boasts a saloon-like feel, thanks to the excellent custom-made bar. It just needed a name. Kristen Dennis, co-owner of the Fortune Teller Bar, suggested referencing the Whiskey Ring Scandal of the late 1870s, which involved corruption in the White House and tax invasion, and -- even better -- had major ties to good ol' St. Louis. It was a perfect fit.

pardoned persons who were convicted in the whiskey ring scandal

This lesson discusses the Whiskey Ring scandal, one of the biggest controversies of Ulysses S

grant on the whiskey ring scandal of 1875 in which he used the

The Whiskey Ring Scandal involved a group of distillers and public officials who defrauded the government of liquor taxes. The Belknap Bribery Scandal involved Grant's Secretary of War taking money from traders selling at Indian posts.

Joyce at the time of the Whiskey Ring Scandal.

Some historians consider Myron Colony a reformer who helped to expose the Whiskey Ring scandal and bring its perpetrators to justice, while some fellow journalists and historians considered him to be a spy employed by Treasury Secretary Benjamin Bristow to collect evidence to be used against President Ulysses S. Grant for political purposes.

Orville Babcock, private secretary to President Ulysses Grant, is acquitted in a St. Louis court of involvement in the Whiskey Ring scandal.
Upon his release from jail, McDonald accused Grant of taking part in the Ring in his book , 1880. In it, McDonald maintains that his actions in the Whiskey Ring were a direct result of instructions from Babcock. And since, according to McDonald, Babcock was widely regarded as being "the President's chief advisor," he regarded any requests from Babcock as having "emanated from the highest authority." Sylph, again according to McDonald's book-and we should take into consideration that he wrote the book to throw most of the blame for the Whiskey Ring scandal on others-was a woman with whom he had arranged a liaison for Babcock, not Grant. He described her as '"unquestionably the handsomest woman in St. Louis" and went on to say, "Her form was petite, and yet withal, a plumpness and development which made her a being whose tempting, luscious deliciousness was irresistible." Obviously, McDonald was quite taken with the woman, although a sketch of Sylph in his book reveals her to have been more homely than irresistible. | Take away the scandals, and Grant's record "is one of accomplishment and even outstanding success," writes historian John A. Carpenter in Ulysses S. Grant (1970), p. 81. This is not the consensus view of Grant's tenure in White House. For other accounts of the Grant presidency and the Whiskey Ring scandals, see Geoffrey Perret, Ulysses S. Grant: Soldier and President (1997); Ross A. Webb, Benjamin Helm Bristow: Border State Politician (1969); Hamlin Garland, Ulysses S. Grant: His Life and Character (1898); Louis A. Coolidge, Ulysses S. Grant (1922); and Ari Hogemboom, Outlawing the Spoils: A History of the Civil Service Reform Movement, 1865-1883 (1961).
Where would we be without ... David Nicholson, the only distiller who didn’t leave town after the Whiskey Ring scandal.

The Whiskey Ring scandal involved Grant's own personal secretary

John McDonald’s name was well known in St. Louis in the late 1870s for his involvement in the infamous Whiskey Ring scandal of 1875. Through the workings of the ring, he exercised a considerable amount of influence on national politics during the Grant administration.

Whisky Ring Scandal. The Whisky Ring Scandal surfaces at the U.S. Treasury.

Louis court of involvement in the Whiskey Ring scandal.

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1. I appreciate your efforts to clearly explain your position on the importance of experience and expertise in historical interpretation, but this hypothetical exercise in how you’d interpret documents and sources related to the Whiskey Ring Scandal/Hamilton Fish almost comes off a bit condescending to me. Listen, I recognize that I’m a younger scholar in the field right now and that I haven’t had the opportunity (yet) to benefit from doctoral training in history, but I’ve spent many years of my life in school, working in the field, and blogging about the historical enterprise on this very website. I care about this stuff and did not start reading about it yesterday. Forgive me if that wasn’t your intention.

Ulysses S. Grant was the president of the US when The Whiskey RingScandal of 1875 was exposed.

The accounts of the Whiskey Ring scandal, the Belknap Indian ..

The front page has one column headings: "THE DISTILLERY FRAUDS", "Further Seizures In Milwaukee,Wis., Ordered" and more. Coverage on the Whiskey Ring scandal. The text takes up more than three full columns of the front page.