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The basic concepts of project management calls for proper planning, organization and the management of a variety of resources in order to successfully achieve a certain goal. The most important job of a project management is to deliver results within time constraints as well as according to a budget. Effective project managers strategically facilitate the entire project management process to ensure the project’s success. To do this the project manager must adequately meet the specific requirements (i.e., time, scope, quality, and cost) set forth by the project and its stakeholders. Project control is essential but if implemented incorrectly it can have devastating effects on the outcome of a project. Incorrect implementation of project control was the ultimate downfall for Gary Allison. The technical, ethical, legal, contractual and communication issues of project management will be discussed as they pertain to the Orion Shield Project. A thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Gary Allison will also be discussed.

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The Orion Shield Project
• After studying The Orion Shield Project, each student critically discusses the technical, ethical, legal, contractual, and other project management issues that faced program manager Gary Allison.

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the implications that Gary Larsen was faced with as project manager in the Orion Shield Project Case Study. Gary Larsen, who was chosen as project manager was faced with many hurdles and his inexperience as the project manager definitely had negative implications on the triple constraints of the project: scope, time and cost. In this paper, I will address the problems Gary Allison faced: contractual, legal, ethical, technical and project management. Henry Larsen chose Gary Allison to be project manager, knowing full well he did not have the knowledge, nor the know-how to be a project manager, especially of such a big project. I will address Henry Larsen’s unethical behavior and poor leadership skills as well. Henry Larsen tried to put all the blame on his project manager, but he as a sponsor was practically absent and let the project get totally out of control.

The Orion Shield project was not implemented very ethical nor legally. Ethical and legal issues caused by the...
With emphasis on ethics, ethics has been defined as “a set of principles that guide our decision making based on personal values of what is right and wrong.” Within the same context, the importance of ethics in project management is discussed here. In addition, an analysis from the case study “The Orion Shield Project”, which shines a light on several issues ranging from ethical, to technical, to contractual, to legal issues is examined. The analysis focuses primarily on the designated project manager Gary Allison whose leadership, actions and decision making is criticized having been faced with an ethical dilemma.The Orion Shield Project is a practical story of a newly appointed project manager whose poor leadership, unbalanced actions and unethical decision resulted in almost failing a project of manufacturing a Shuttle Launch Booster component for NASA. While the project was originally subcontracted by another company, it eventually produced a product that met most of the requirements, but the project was overwhelmed by many technical, ethical, legal, contractual and other project management challenges that could have resulted to fail it. However, it did result in demoting the project manager to his previous job as he failed to demonstrate his management skills and qualifications. This paper identifies and analyzes the challenging issues of this project and discusses the project manager’s overall performances.
The Orion Shield Project

Basic Directions:After studying The Orion Shield Project,

After studying the Orion Shield Project , each student critically discusses the technical , ethical , legal , contractual and other project management issues that faced program manager Gary Allison . He or she decides weher Gary has done well and where not, in a succint report that includes an executive summary . After you view the video reading the transcripts as desired , you'll likely agree that Gary Allison has not done well as Orion Shield R&D program mananger. Your task is to identify and discuss the technical, ethical , legal , contractual , and other project management issues that he faced. There are difficulties in each of these areas . Name names as you identify the culprits in this case . Include a results filled executive summary at the beginning of your report.

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After 14 years as a successful engineer with Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC), Henry Larson promoted Gary Allison as project manager of the Orion Shield Project. This was a promotion that would change Gary’s successful career at SEC significantly. In less than a year, Gary went from a preeminent engineer at SEC, to nearly loosing his position with the company, due to his lack of project management skills and Henry Larson unethical guidance.

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In case study, Gary Allison, a reputable and talented mechanical engineer at Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC), was offered a project manager position offer to lead the proposal team for the Orion Shield project. However, Gary’s...