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My name is Lucy and I am now a happy wife. I owe my happiness to my husband Harry and Turbo Dieta®, thanks to which I finally managed to reach the dream figure I always longed for by the most important day in my life.

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Ralph was the pastor of the Methodist Church in Port Sanilac, Michigan. He led me to Christ on July 28,1965. He told me to write the date in my Bible because it was the most important day in my life. The same night heled me to Christ, he told me, "Bob, Jesus wants you to tell others about Him so they can go to Heaven too." I havenever forgotten those words. This web site is dedicated to reaching others for Christ as Ralph told me to domore than 40 years ago.

Destroy the most important day in my life, My Wedding

I used Pro Prep Events for our wedding on September 9th 2012. Maricela Reyes the owner and "wedding designer" is NOT a detailed oriented, organized and trusted person!
After I paid in full a month before the wedding, it was very hard to contact and communicate with her in a timely manner.
Maricela lost our invoice one month before the wedding and when I met with her to see a full table set up she tried to remember for what we paid and also she showed up with a linen, napkin and one charger. Really?! That how my wedding tables look like?! After my husband emailed her and almost fired her about a week before the wedding she finally put the table together to us to see it! It was awfull!!!
After the wedding some of our guests wondered why they didn't have the fancy chargers at their table for which we paid?! I asked Maricela and she told us that the waiters supose to put them on the table. Unbelievable!!! We paid Maricela to be fully responsible for the entire set up NOT the waiters to verify her work! I told Maricela that our expectation is to be reimbursed for the work that was not done. Maricela responded very rudely " I owe you 75 cents". We paid almost 5k for 10 tables and room set up.

Also she wants to use our wedding pictures for advertising without our authorization which is not correct because the design was done by me, my friend and our florist Simon from Blooming Bouquet.!!!

Organize a wedding supposed to be a nice experience but in my case Maricela managed to make it the absolute worse experience!
I am thoroughly distraught and utterly dissatisfied with her service.
I made a huge mistake hiring Maricela Reyes for the most important day in my life, she is by for the latest person I would ever refer anyone to.
I highly recommend our florist Simon from Blooming Bouquet, he is the best event designer in the bay area and he just opened his new business Events Galleria.

The most important day in my life is………….The day that I die I’m not depressed sick alone or anything like that
The most important day in my life was the day when my parents decided to send me to school

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These heartfelt little messages offer tantalising glimpses of inchoate relationships, unrequited love, tentative sympathy – and, rather too often, a desire to show off the inscriber's poetic sensibility. ("After rough seas there is calm, for sore wounds there is a balm/ Let me hold you in my arms, and keep you safe from harm…" is inscribed by "Justin" in Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera.) The compliments offered by givers to receivers sometimes hint at intensities we'd rather not know about. On 19 March 1928, a copy of Tom Fool by F Tennyson Jesse was inscribed: "To my Stiffy, In remembrance of the anniversary of the most important day in my life. From his Slutty." Much later, a copy of Londoners by Celina Fox is genially inscribed (complete with heart pierced by an arrow) "From a selfish old slag, To a fat, lazy old cow. Two years?"

Getting my masters degree was the most important day in my life : (11 votes)

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The most important day in my life wasn’t the day I got married, but the day my husband and I bought our first home. Lest you think I’m unfeeling and materialistic, my husband absolutely agrees with me. We always knew we’d get married, but buying a house was a dream that we weren’t entirely sure would come true, especially in the Puget Sound region – one of the most expensive housing markets in the country.

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Thank you very much for making the gorgeous wedding cake!! It is even better than what I was imagined! The flower at the top is gorgeous and everything is so perfect! Everyone in the wedding was very impressed. The beautiful cake lightens up my day further more! I am so happy to have you in one of the most important day in my life. We really appreciate to have you there~