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Bill presents an interesting and stimulating program to school groups, introducing the students to a variety of traditional and modern bush poetry appropriate to the age of the class. Students are involved in acting the part of various characters in poems such as “The Bush Christening”. They are given the principles of rhyme and rhythm, which sets bush poetry apart from other forms of poetry, and are shown how to write their own poetry. Bill has a “Working with Children” card, and as father of three, grandfather of ten, and a former Scout Leader, he is familiar with the ways of children.

The Bush Christening, a poem by A.B. (Banjo) Paterson

Grace Elliott - The Bush Christening

Outback with Backout - Another Bush Christening!

"The fact that we are only less than an hour's drive from Michael Magee's shanty, where Banjo Paterson wrote the Bush Christening - there is history, it is unique."

His favourites were The Bush Christening, The Man from Snowy

With a palpable sense of history, little change has occurred in Isisford since explorer Major Mitchell pulled up on the banks of the Barcoo River in 1846, near where Isisford was settled in the mid 1800s; and where Banjo Patterson drew inspiration for many of his works including the Bush Christening and Clancy of the Overflow. With a population of 130, most people in town work in the cattle or sheep industry, run a business, work for the council or are professional roo shooters.

Binalong was the setting for Banjo Patterson's famous poem The Bush Christening
Binalong was the setting for Banjo Patterson’s famous poem The Bush Christening. The tradition continues today with this historic village host to the NSW Bush Poetry championships in September biennially.
The Bush Christening, is also a top one, we may have had it on another of Rays posts

The Bush Christening read by Noel Condie,

Groups can see shearing, working sheep dogs, whip cracking, andbranding at Kuriong Sheep Station just outside town. Binalong was the settingfor Banjo Patterson’s famous poem The Bush Christening. The tradition continuestoday with this historic village host to the NSW Bush Poetry championships inSeptember biennially.

The township featured in and influenced a number of his poems (e.g., The Bush Christening)

A Bush Christening - Wallis and Matilda

Isisford is the inspiration for many of A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson's works such as the Bush Christening and Clancy of the Overflow. Explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell passed through this way on his 1845 expedition and named a small lagoon five kilometres east south-east of Isisford after his head black tracker, Yuranaigh.

"The Bush Christening" and "The man from Ironbark"

A Bush Christening. A Poem By A B "Banjo" Paterson

This is a very readable biography which looks at the man, his family and friends and his life rather than more common literary criticism of his work, yet still clearly showing the factors that influenced his writing. Students who have discovered 'The Man from Snowy River', 'Mulga Bill’s Bicycle', 'The Bush Christening' and 'Clancy of the Overflow' and who want to know about the man behind the words will love this.
Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, Cooma NSW