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In writing technical essay the writer is expected to
1. Identify facts:
2. Explain facts:
3. Express or convey facts:
4. Understand fact
5. Present facts

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Sarah’s diverse background in marketing and communications has afforded her opportunities to work on big and small projects using her skills to attract people to places, initiatives and brilliant businesses. Sarah likes to get things done and combines big picture vision with an eye for the small details. Her way with words has developed from technical essay writing during her English degree, to drafting engaging web content and copy. Sarah’s hobbies include jewellery making and creating home baked content (for stomachs).

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This year’s event carried the theme ‘Sustainable Energy: Green Technology for Better Tomorrow’. The participants competed in seven categories - Technical Essay Writing, Technical Case Study, Technical Power Point Presentation, Technical Video Presentation, Chemical Engineering Challenge, Process Plant Design, and Chem-E-Car Challenge.

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programming, technical essay writing or exercises requiring diagrams and graphs to be solved

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On-Campus Cultural Competitions such as Technical Essay Writing, Spell Bee, Group Discussions, Personal Interviews and many more events were conducted to encourage students to display their talent.

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We have scheduled a Technical Essay Writing Preparation course to cover Modules 7, 9 and 10 at B1 and B2 level. The course cost includes the training and examination.For those who wish to undertake all three modules the course will start straight after the morning examination. Notes will be provided on arrival.Please note our Instructors do not pre-empt the examination questions. Guidance on essay construction and various assignments appropriate to the subject module are given, however these assignments cannot be guaranteed to cover the actual examination questions.

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