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So familiar are they with the illness that Ina Spero knows, for instance, that when she brings out the food at a support group meeting, she must wear medical gloves so those with issues surrounding cleanliness feel more comfortable.

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out method to deal with the issues surrounding cleanliness in India

Healthcare hygiene has been a hot topic in the news in recent years, as outbreaks of various Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) have taken hold in hospitals across Europe. This has very much brought the issues surrounding cleanliness and hygiene under the spotlight, and cleaning service providers have come under increased scrutiny. ECJ spoke to a number of the leading companies providing cleaning services to Europe’s hospitals about the greatest challenges they are facing at the present time.

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There is an amusing lack of uptightness surrounding cleanliness and protocol in Thailand, not just while dining but everywhere. A strange dog might walk in off the street and curl up by your feet while you eat lunch. There might be geckos in your shower. They might charge you a price ten baht different than it says on the handwritten, photocopied menu. At cooking class they don’t make you sign a waiver before handing you a razor-sharp cleaver and having you fish tofu chunks out of a spattering deep fryer.

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To make aware of surrounding cleanliness through ground / sports ground cleanliness

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So where are we lacking I think it is personal hygiene/cleanliness to the immediate surrounding cleanliness and further our tolerance to dirty environment including our attitude to look the other way, our personal detestment to participate in community cleaning and our apathy in the personal belief or notion that it is the duty of the government and municipality alone to keep whole of India clean.

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Rishab Bailey (RB): Hello and welcome to Newsclick. The government has on the 2nd of October launched with much fanfare the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' or the 'Clean India Campaign'. We even treated to many grand promises along with photos of ministers, government employees and students sweeping dirt from one side of the street to the other. The obvious problem with this is that it all appears like a well planned PR campaign but, is this a fair assessment of the programme? To discuss the issue we have with us Prof. Salil Misra from Ambedkar University, Delhi. Thanks for being with us today. Now to start with I am naturally suspicious of such programmes, there appears to be no systemic or a well thought out method to deal with the issues surrounding cleanliness in India. So what is your take on the concept itself of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. I mean does the lack of specifics make you vary of this programme?

He said, 'It is necessary to maintain personal, household and surrounding cleanliness

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Currie said there was still a large amount of post-construction clean-up to be completed, along with issues surrounding cleanliness, plumbing, wiring, internet and mobile phones.