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DALEEL PETROLEUM L.L.C Stock Holding Policy Mahmood Al Amri 01-Mar-13 2

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Apple's implementation of the executive stock holding policy comes amidst growing pressure from shareholders concerned over the company's decining stock price, which has slipped over 36 percent since hitting a high of in September 2012. AAPL closed at 441.40 on Thursday after shedding $3.17, or 0.71 percent, from its price at the opening bell.


I’ve said elsewhere that I wish CLC Wholesale well. However, I remain unconvinced that they can pick up the slack due to two reasons; (1) their remuneration policy which mitigates against being able to attract enough competent and professional staff (no slight whatsoever intended to existing CLC’ers, all of whom do an amazing job in often difficult circumstances) and (2) the need to significantly widen their stock holding policy at the wholesale warehouse level. If these points are courageously and urgently addressed, then the chance still exists for CLC to fill the current vacuum and grow their own market share considerably.

(1989), Stockholding Costs and Stockholding Policies: A Field Test
DALEEL PETROLEUM L.L.C Stock Holding Policy Mahmood Al Amri 01-Mar-13.

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stock holding policy was also critically reviewed as these items were not identified by the system

Apple executives required to hold 3x base salary in AAPL stock

Manage the stock holding policy in order to meet service level targets at optimal stock volumes

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