during this time as a spiritual embryo or psychic embryo.5

The first three years of life are the most fundamental in the development of human beings and their potential. The infant’s physical development is phenomenal and apparent and inspires our care and attention. Yet a profound and less obvious development is taking place within the child. Montessori refers to the child at this period as the spiritual embryo. A second embryonic period occurs after birth during the first three years of life when the child’s intelligence is formed, when the child acquires the culture and language into which he or she is born. It is a period when the core of personality, social being and the essence of spiritual life are developed. An understanding of the child’s development and the development of the human mind allows environments to be prepared to meet the needs of the infant and foster independence, psychomotor development and language acquisition.

love his place of birth. Thus, this spiritual embryo needs a


(Note the 'spiritual embryo' in the lower abdomen.)

Master Shiche asked his student, the nun Qiyuan Xinggang, “Buddha nature is not illusory. What was it like when you were nourishing the spiritual embryo?”

(Note 'spiritual embryo' in lower abdomen.)

Nebula is a sound installation with the listener as center, in an intimate and personal speech of the artist. Starting from the concept expressed by Maria Montessori on the idea of the child as “spiritual embryo”, Nebula represents the possibilities and the potentials of each human being. The artist develops an open dialogue with the listener, vulnerable to doubts, uncertainties, in a true sharing.

The formation of the spiritual embryo is still a hidden mystery to most all.

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Along the same lines, the Daoist transformation of the self in the process of inner alchemy, reaching from essence through energy to spirit and the emptiness of the Dao, has become part of modern Qigong discourse and many techniques of inner alchemy are actively applied in practice. Not only perceiving of the body as an entity of qi-flow and a replica of the universe, adepts of inner alchemy take active control of the energies and, through the systematic circulation and collection of qi, transmutate the body into a cauldron for the growth of an inner elixir. Starting from a tiny seed, it blossoms forth and gives rise to the immortal embryo, which then, over ten months of intense meditation, grows to completion. A primordial light begins to shine through the entire body, and adepts enter a state of deep absorption, allowing the tenuously growing spirit embryo to grow to fullness and take on a life of its own—moving about the heavenly realms in a new variation of the ecstatic soul journeys of Daoists of old.

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The activation of the pineal gland is the basis of Chinese spiritual and medical traditions, and this process is often described as the union of pre-birth and post-birth consciousness or chi. Opening the third eye is the goal of qi gong, using the spiritual embryo which is the end result of the completion stage of inner alchemy, also known as the Original Spirit, or Yuan Shen. Perhaps a whole body DMT release fully activates the pineal gland during the subtle body union experience, which is the esoteric goal of Tantric traditions of enlightenment, as well as Buddhist and Taoist qi gong systems. This experience is sometimes described as embracing singularity, swallowing the universe, or seeing the Original Face. It is well known in China that this process can result in a pituitary growth hormone release, which can return an elderly practitioner to middle age with the hair and teeth growing back. This is regularly reported in Chinese newspapers and never mentioned by Western researchers. This process of opening the inner energy meridians of the body through chi refinement is the basis of all Chinese meditation traditions. Modern Zen practitioners have not understood that the Original Face is a reference to the spiritual embryo, which is a dormant subtle body within the first chakra, the divine spark of light, which dissolves into emptiness at the time of enlightenment. The premise is that a human being that moves the spark from the lower torso to the brain, and activates the pineal gland, regains the original state of enlightened inner illumination. This is not a hypothetical framework. Western mechanistic materialist frameworks have rejected vitalist models of consciousness evolution, which prevents Western scholars from correctly understanding and translating the inner alchemical process of chi refinement, which results in the spiritual embryo.

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According to many esoteric traditions, the human being can be divided into three bodies, physical, subtle, and super subtle, (called gross, subtle and causal by Ken Wilber), body, soul, and spirit. The soul is the dream body, and the spirit is dormant within the first chakra until it activates the pineal gland at the completion stage of the inner alchemical process. The Hermetic alchemical description of the three bodies is corpus, anima, and spiritus, and the goal of complete inner illumination was achieved by the Coniunctio, the union of subtle, anima and super subtle, spiritus represented by the twin serpents of the caduceus. The Indo-Tibetan Mahamudra tradition calls the Coniunctio experience the union of mother and child lights. The super subtle body is called the Yuan Shen Original Spirit, or spiritual embryo in Chinese alchemy, the Anthropos in Gnosticism and Manichaeism, and Adam Kadmon in Hebrew mysticism. Buddhism calls it the Tathagatagharba embryo of enlightenment, which appears as the Original Face or Dharmakaya, and dissolves into emptiness when Nirvana is achieved. Clear/white light unitative formless meditation experiences are not the actual complete enlightenment experience, which opens the third eye permanently. The actual concept of nonduality is a direct reference to the Coniunctio experience, which has been misunderstood by many teachers and scholars that have not reached the completion stage of meditation. Mahayana and Tantric Buddhism describe enlightenment as the union of the three bodies physical, subtle and super subtle. The super subtle body is dormant within all human beings probably created either at conception or during the first forty-nine days of fetal development. Modern translations of ancient spiritual traditions have consistently confused the spirit and soul, and have been unable to identify them correctly as prebirth and post-birth subtle bodies, as clearly defined by Chinese qi gong traditions. The Integral correlation of the causal body with the Dharmakaya and deep sleep or unconsciousness is a remarkable distortion of non-theistic nondual traditions of spiritual awakening. Actually mixing Advaita Vedanta and modern Zen, and Mindfulness traditions have resulted in repeated confused spiritual cults, which unknowingly victimize their followers by using psychological frameworks of consciousness evolution instead of real spiritual physiological awakening.