International Food Club is an online store and Orlando grocery warehouse built for customers in need of worldly cuisine and ingredients. We have a broad selection of quality food from over 20 countries, as well as specialty hookahs, tobaccos, wine and beer from all over the world. International Food Club offers you the opportunity to buy these hard-to-find foods in person and at your fingertips online.

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has always been one of my favorite, if not my favorite, hookah bars. The atmosphere is unique and comfortable, it is low-key while maintaining a feeling of going out on the town. The feel to this place is unlike any others. There's interesting music playing in the background and sometimes they have live music or DJs.

The hookahs are always great and last for a long time. The wait staff comes to check the table and flip the coals in a timely fashion and I've never felt abandoned while smoking a harsh, bad tasting hookah. My favorite hookahs from there are the fruit flavored ones. The peach, double apple, and apricot are all fantastic. I've also smoked the house special mixed flavor blend, which was also great. The regular hookahs are $8.99 and the specialty hookahs are $10.99. Fret not about germs, the cafe gives out mouth pieces for each person at the table to smoke. The food and drinks are also great here. They have beers, wine, and sangria. The pesto hummus (rather, any of the hummus) is great as well as the . The gyros are great and the lamb kabob is also worth trying. Don't be afraid of these new foods; they are all delicious and worth expanding horizons!

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Da Hookah Spot offers specialty hookahs prepared with unique mixes of tobacco and can be combined with real fruit to enhance the flavor This provides the best tasting hookah experience …

Specialty Hookahs are meticulously design for not only smoking function but symbolic architecture
The Sultan Hookah - 7 Foot Hookah, 7 foot glass panel hookah pipe!, Specialty Hookahs

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