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On Thursday, May 1, at 4 p.m., Randolph College’s graduating art history students will present their senior papers. Presentation topics include:

3. Introduction - this section must be a part of all senior papers

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Senior papers: students in the Honors Program

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Recent senior papers have included such diverse topics as:

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Call us for paperboard pricing.Crafting a is a highly analytical and time consuming task. These types of papers require extensive research, brainstorming and analysis. Literary research papers, medical and law research papers and IT related papers make common senior research paper subject areas. A paper of this sort is allocated to students to gauge their knowledge and understanding of the pertaining subject.All Statistics majors, BA or BS, need to take Stat 4893W, Senior Paper (1 credit, prerequisite, Senior in Statistics). It must be taken for a Statistics BA to meet the College of Liberal Arts . Stat 4893W is also necessary for a Statistics BS, since it is the only way to satisfy the upper division Center for Writing . This states in part that “At least one upper-division W-I course should be taken within the student's major or program area.” Since Stat 4893W is the only such course in the major, all majors need to take it.Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper encourages your submission of articles, photographs and ideas. We reserve the right to edit all submitted material. Please note that viewpoints of the articles and columns are not necessarily the viewpoints of Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper. Copyright applies to all stories and artwork provided here.
The following are some of the senior papers written by linguistics students in recent years:

Knowing How to Write Senior Research Papers

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Working closely with Elmhurst College mathematics faculty, you will complete a research-based senior paper involving real problems and projects.

7. Literature Cited - this section must be a part of all senior papers.

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In writing a senior research paper the scholar is moving towards the formality and idiomatic expression of a masteral dissertation. The work of the writer should at this point be moving away from the lenient standards of high school assignments. While secondary level compositions merely seek to develop grammatical precision and skills in communicating ideas, collegiate compositions aims at improving the ability of the scholar to present in strict logical form and based on credibly documented arguments. The conversational first and second person perspectives will not be appropriate for a senior research paper. In the same way, personal opinions may not be included.

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These are the basic requirements for writing a senior research paper, however there is a lot of detailing and concentration required to write such a paper.