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is a schematic side view of a rock breaking machine, which in this case is an impact hammer arranged in an excavator boom,
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Rock breaking machines, such as impact hammers and rock drilling machines, comprise a tool which is provided with impact pulses by a percussion device of the rock breaking machine. Due to the influence of the impact pulses, the tool breaks the material being operated on and penetrates into it. The tool is bearing-mounted in the body of the rock breaking machine so that it can move in the longitudinal direction during the operation of the rock breaking machine. Furthermore, in rock drilling machines the tool is typically rotated about its longitudinal axis during drilling. The tool of the rock breaking machine and its bearings are subjected to heavy stress during use. Thus it is known to provide a rock breaking machine with a lubricating device for feeding lubricant to the tool's bearing means. The lubricating device comprises a lubricant container and a lubricant pump, which are typically arranged on the outer surface of the rock breaking machine, for example in a protective case surrounding the rock breaking machine. In that case, the lubricating device is prone to impacts and impurities during use. A further problem that has been noted is that it is difficult to feed lubricant from a remote lubricant container into the bearing members. In cold conditions, in particular, lubrication may be insufficient since the lubricant is cold and stiff in the lubricant container arranged on the outer surface of the rock breaking machine.

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In the solution according to , the lubricant container 25 comprises a hollow space formed in the body 17, the space being provided with a bag-like dividing member 27. Lubricant can be fed into the inner space 42 defined by the dividing member 27 through the feed channel 32. The pressure of pressure medium can be supplied to the space between the outer surface of the dividing member 27 and the inner surface of the lubricant container 25 from a channel 30, which may be connected to a pump 44 or another pressure source. In that case, the pressure acting in the space 43 tries to compress the dividing member 27, and thus the lubricant in the space 42 is pushed to the transfer device 26 by pressure. The transfer device 26 may comprise a control valve for controlling the flow of pressurized lubricant into the lubricant channel 23. If necessary, the transfer device 26 may be provided with a pumping device for increasing the lubricant pressure. The transfer device 26 can be controlled by a first control unit 45, to which control commands can be transmitted from a second control unit 46, which may be placed outside the rock breaking machine, for example in a control cabin. A command to feed lubricant to a bearing member 19 , 19 can be transmitted from the second control unit 46 over a wireless data transmission connection 47, for example. There are also other ways for remote controlling the lubricating system.