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“People do better building on their strengths rather than shoring up their weaknesses,” says Jane E. Dutton, the William Russell Kelly Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, who has used the Reflected Best Self Feedback process in her MBA courses. “This feedback changes their picture of themselves and lights up the relational network that enables them to develop their best self more fully. It is a catalyst for creating extraordinary performance at work and in personal life.”Reflected Best Self Feedback is part of a broader research program at the Michigan Business School called Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) and is quickly spreading to other leading schools, including Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brigham Young University and the University of British Columbia.

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Spreitzer, G., Stephens, J.P., & Sweetman, D. (2009). The Reflected Best Self Field Experiment with Adolescent Leaders: Exploring the Psychological Resources Associated with Feedback Source and Valence. Journal of Positive Psychology, 4(5): 331-348.

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I am interested in how relationships can enable more meaning in work and increase feelings of empowerment. Much of my early research on was on psychological empowerment at work (an orientation where individuals experience meaning, efficacy, self-determination, and impact). Support in relationships from one’s boss, peers and subordinates was found to be critical for individuals to feel empowered. More recently, I have looked at the role of high quality relationships in several other contexts. One is though research on the reflected best self which is a feedback and development exercise where individuals request best self stories from significant others in different domains of life (family, friends, colleagues, etc.). the relational focus of this exercise helps people see unique strengths they exhibit when operating at their best that are relatively invisible or discounted before receiving the feedback.

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A developmental process called Reflected Best Self Feedback has been integrated into the Michigan Business School curriculum at all levels to help students discover their “best self” and determine ways they create value for other people. Ultimately, the goal of Reflected Best Self Feedback is to enable people to become active architects of job activities that utilize and develop their talents, and to enrich their relationships with others.The process of asking for feedback about myself for the reflected best self (RBS) exercise initially seemed like an impossible feat. My principal concern was that none of the interviewees would feel comfortable enough to give me an honest opinion. I had the difficult task of selecting individuals who would give me meaningful unprejudiced answers to my questions. I began the RBS exercise by thoughtfully exploring potential interviewees, since I had to choose between school friends or acquaintances, and individuals who know me outside the school setting. I came to the realization that selecting individuals solely from one of the environs would provide me with imbalanced answers. I therefore decided to choose interviewees both from school and at home. Judging from the exercise instructions, I had to target individuals that knew me well enough in order to ensure that they had adequate knowledge about me, my habits, and my overall personality. To increase chances of getting unbiased responses, I chose the recommended five individuals from different areas of my life. The procedure was time consuming and tedious, but I acquired the information relevant to understanding myself, while at my best.
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The Reflected Best Self exercise provides you with feedback about who you are when you are at your best. Participants request positive feedback from significant people in their lives, which they then synthesize into a cumulative portrait of their "best self." The exercise can be used as a tool for personal development because it provides valuable insights into the ways a person adds value and makes a contribution. R-PAQ Solutions, LLC can provide you with facilitated administration. Contact for more information.

The Reflected Best Self™ is an exercise developed by researchers at the University of Michigan

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The Reflected Best Self exercise can help you identify and build on your strengths, and develop an understanding of yourweaknesses. The overall result provides a strength-based orientation to go beyond the "good enough" state to discover who you are at your bestand what you can become in the next phase of your career.

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We did the Reflective Best Student Self and Reflective Best Classroom Exercise right after discussing positive psychologist book , in which he describes 5 Foundations of Morality: Care, Fairness, Loyalty, Authority and Sanctity. Haidt describes how having social order and cooperation requires more than just valuing care and fairness, it requires group loyalty, respect for authority, and viewing some social norms as sacred.