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Lia is both literally and figuratively the star of The Heart of Betrayal. She is sassy as can be, something I’d somehow forgotten. Even though she’s a prisoner of Venda, she never loses her dignity. She’s scared, but remains pride and determined to live up to her own principles. Sarcastic and clever, she calls people on their bullshit and is always trying to make a new plan for how to deal with her circumstances.

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Prisoner Of Venda Notes of Events Title - The Prisoner of Zenda a pun on the title ..

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Robertson’s presentation of the country of Venda as one in which the course of justice is often manipulated via the implementation of outdated British laws - remnants of the colonial history of the country - conflicts with his assertion that the justice system must remain independent of the Government. Robertson from the outset, presents the country of Venda as one in which the course of justice is often absurd. This is achieved via Robertson’s choice for the title of the chapter, The Prisoner of Venda, which is a pun on the title of a fictional adventure novel, The Prisoner of Zenda. Robertson's textual form however is also important. At the start of the chapter, he gives overview and context of...

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Module C. Representation and Text. Elective 1: Conflicting Perspectives. “The Prisoner of Venda”

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And though she is a prisoner of Venda, she's still able to turn the wheel and grip control ..

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Even though she's a prisoner of Venda, she never loses her dignity

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