poorboy degasser operating psi is controlled by what

This Thailand customer is an oilwell drilling services company they has special requirements on the poor boy degasser. As we know they use the poor boy degasser in 800bbl total treating capacity system. They requested the vessel diameter should be 36″. A ladder on the side also need a 10ft U-Tube at least. The U-Tube is related with liquid seal or mud leg.

The definition of mud gas separator/poor boy degasser

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DC poor boy vacuum degasser is vertical type. It’s compact, fresh style, Actually, vacuum degasser always set behind. The internal impellers will mix the drilling fluid and break the bubble. will keep drilling fluid density, viscosity and weight. Get rid of small part of harmful invaded gas, such as H2S.

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The poor boy degasser mainly works with flare igniter in oil field. Following is the working procedure: when the drilling fluid carrying invaded gas flow into the , it will flow alongside the internal wall to several blocking panels which will make the fluid moving disorderly. The invaded gas will be separated during the process, then get discharged through the outlet pipe in the top and burnt. The fluid will flow to shaker for further process.

Vacuum degasser and poor boy degasser is both are , there are some differences some maybe confused.
Poor boy degasser is called mud gas separator also. Its type are vertical type only. Will be designed internal block blade, certain height mud seal/leg. The main parts are degasser vessel, degasser support or pedestal, lay down leg, mud feed inlet, discharge output, ventline, drain discharge alsoFurthermore, the appearance. Usually, it will be coated with red paint or other striking coulour. Actually, poor boy degasser design is customizable on many issues. For more info you can contact OGEM EquipmentUsually, poor boy degasser will be designed as 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm diameter. According to client's demand, generally speaking, mud leg will be 12'. However, this specification can be customized as per user's requirement and work conditionZYQ Mud Gas Separator(Poor Boy Degasser) is a specific degassing equipment of drilling fluid with gas, it is mainly used to remove big bubbles in diameter no less than φ3mm in gas drilling fluid. DC's Mud Gas Separator has a lot of advantages including reliable safety, better treatment effect, long service life, etc.
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Remark: This poor boy degasser with relief valve

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Difference between Vacuum Degasser and Poor Boy Degasser Fluid Processing

Poor boy degasser working principle

Furthermore, they are in urgent demand on above . So they ship them by air. Then the must be designed as easy-air shipment. Actually, for this mud gas separator the transportation dimension is 1669L x 1669W x 5691H. Consider their shipment issue, our engineer designed this into 2 parts. Although we manufacture the customized nonstandard poor boy degasser we finished it just 1 week.

Of course also other items we did our best to satisfy the dimension requirements. Such as ZCQ240 , . We also take customer's freight cost in consideration we control the weight as little as possible. Finally, the poor boy degasser, centrifugal pump, mud agitators, vacuum degasser, also along with necessary pipelines, fittings, etc. accessaries were delivered on time and at high quality.