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BC: At this point, I believe that its the press that wants to keep us out of the press. You know? I mean, for example, the SPIN band of the year. The one with the coat, and Kurt, and the whole bit. I mean, they told us, 'You're band of the year', and we're like 'Fine'.If you go back and read that article, there's like two paragraphs about music. Literally about two paragraphs about music. The whole article is about me and temper tantrums and money and Kurt. Its not the band that's distilling this kind of information- its the press trying to turn something into something that not even there.

what is a good conclusion paragraph about music?

User: what is a good conclusion paragraph about music

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So it turns out writing insightful 500+ word paragraphs about music and film is harder than it seems. While I managed to make complete Top 10 lists for film, television, videogames and music in 2009, this year I got lazy/bored and kinda never finished. I did lists for TV and videogames, probably because those are [...]

In that document are a good number of paragraphs about music

Hallo! Ich werde gerner auf Englisch schreiben, weil mein Deutsch ist etwar rostig :P I worked for an American exchange organization for many years, so I am very familiar with!

Your letter is good, but I have one big suggestion: take the paragraphs about music (piano), art and school (from the bottom) and move them **above** the part where you talk about your friends. Those paragraphs have some very good details that will help you find a family, but the details about hanging with your friends, shopping, etc. are not as strong as your hobbies. You should put your strongest information first.

Also a small thing that you maybe should not fix because it's very "German" and I like that, but... it is "sporty" not "sportive" :)

Viel Glueck! Ich habe ein Blog, und hab nur Gestern ueber die Gastfamilienaufsatz geschrieben -- But I wanted to give you direct advice and not just a link

Typing three paragraphs about music theory isn't all that helpful, I just realized
paragraphs about music in a book about animal songs -- or deals with only a part of the field

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Music Burgers: A fun and easy way to write descriptive paragraphs about music!

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Music Burgers: A fun and easy way to write descriptive paragraphs about music

The annual Oxford American Music Issue is never my favorite