papulation pap·u·la·tion (pāp'yə-lā'shən) The formation of papules.

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sahab i dont agreed with your statment big papulation is gift of god u can utilized them in devolpment of country and its a army itself no one dare to think of occupying you.

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Table 3 presents the percentage of subjects who completelycleared of erythema, infiltration/papulation and erosion/oozing/crusting atWeek 4 out of those subjects with clinically significant baseline signs.“ the study, which included erythema, papulation, excoriations, or lichenification as signs The Pregnancy Weekly blog is an online magazine about pregnancy, baby, and parenting”
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In mid 2002, we examined a 22-year-old waitress who complained of a 5- to 6-month history of painful, pruritic lesions on her hands, arms, and legs. The itch often disturbed her sleep, and her quality of life was diminished by physical discomfort and feelings of embarrassment. Lesions on both palms showed minimal vesiculation, moderate papulation and scaling, moderate to severe erythema, and severe fissuring and lichenification. Lesions on her arms and legs were less severe, showing only slight erythema and papulation.
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CUTIVATE® Lotion applied once daily wassuperior to vehicle in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in two clinicaltrials. The two trials enrolled 438 subjects with atopic dermatitis aged 3months and older, of which 169 subjects were selected as having clinicallysignificant signs of , infiltration/papulation, and/oozing/crusting at baseline. Clinically significant was defined ashaving moderate or severe involvement for at least two of the three signs(erythema, infiltrations/papulation, or erosion/oozing/crusting), in at least 2body regions. Subjects who had moderate to severe disease in a single bodyregion were excluded from the analysis.

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