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While many online car buyers are searching for ways to save money at the gas pump, some online shoppers are going to the other extreme. They are searching for classic muscle and sports cars that consume very large quantities of gasoline while traveling at very high speeds. While many industry analysts are at a loss as to why so many people are showing an increased interest in classic cars, there is no doubt that have increased on the Internet. More and more websites are being developed that focus solely on classic cars and how to buy them. Many popular car websites that have online forums are full of member postings requesting information about where to find deals on classic cars and trucks. While classic cars certainly consume more gasoline, many buyers consider them an investment that can produce a considerable return in the future.

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Online retail is more competitive than offline retail because of reasons like low entry barriers and easy access. Customer satisfaction holds the key to running a successful online business. To increase customer satisfaction, companies need to know more about their customers, their needs, wants and how to serve them better. Studies on online buying behaviour helps companies understand more about what their customers want and how to package goods and services perfectly for their customers. Differentiating your product or service from your competitor will have greater significance than before. With increase m business models such as the online marketplace, competition among different sellers are only going to increase.

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The purpose of the study is to analyse the factors that customers consider when they purchase online a book or fiction by an established author against a book by a new author. The particular topic is selected because of the huge rise in e-commerce in India over the last couple of years. Increase in sales of books over the internet is another reason for the same. Due to reasons such as customer perceptions and shopping environment, the online buying behaviour is considered as a complicated field. This study aims to find out the different factors that customers consider while buying a book by an established author and a new author. These factors are identified by conducting focus group discussions with the target segment of customers.

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Online Buying saves you time and frustration and helps you shop online more safely and securely. We research multiple sites across multiple businesses and services in Australia and overseas, and list the best sites for your consideration.Impulse buying represents consumers' basic psychological trait and habit. Online buying impulsiveness is the tendency of consumers' reaction toward stimuli in the Internet environment. In the Internet environment, Word-of-Mouth online is one stimuli from which consumers have an alternative to obtain opinion leaders' information and advice on the products. Previously, some studies have demonstrated that there is impulse buying in the Internet environment, and some other studies have demonstrated that Word-of-Mouth online is the most important influential source on consumers' purchasing decisions. However, neither theoretical research nor imperial study has revealed the relationships between online buying impulsiveness and Word-of-Mouth online. This paper focuses on online buying impulsiveness and Word-of-Mouth online. The paper investigates the characteristics of Word-of-Mouth online, and proposes a theoretical model on the relationships between online buying impulsiveness and Word-of-Mouth online via the length of time on web browsing. The finding of the paper converts novel and important messages to managers and scholars by showing the value of exploratory study as well as empirical study on Word-of-Mouth online and its consequences on online buying impulsiveness.
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BMW has become the first major automaker to implement an online car buying process for consumers. Piloted in 9 stores in the UK, the program has now been rolled out in 137 of BMW’s 146 UK dealerships. This program named BMW Retail Online allows consumers to complete the entire online sales process online.

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Online car buying is safe and easy when you follow some basic guidelines. The Internet has opened many doors for us and changed the way we do things. It's not uncommon for the entire purchasing process to take place online and over the phone. Buying a car online does present different challenges and opportunities than a traditional purchase.

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While there are certainly many benefits to using an online car buying service, there are potential drawbacks as well. For instance, if you feel it is of greater benefit to negotiate a new or used vehicle price, then an online car buying service is not for you. Also, if you need to physically inspect the vehicle, open doors, and check under the trunk or hood before you purchase it, then an online car buying service will make that hard to do.