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Innovators serving this ideal will succeed on their odysseys. For not only is the Hero's Odyssey found in film and literature such as The , , , and , but it's also the path followed by those following noble calls in real life. Too often we're told that epic story is solely the province of fairy tails--that ideals and values are not a common right, and that they merely get in the way of the bottom line. But this festiavl invites you to emabrk on your Hero's Odyssey-- From the , to the , to the , to the , the Hero's Odyssey Monomyth provides the classic structure of entrepreneurial ventures, and life itself.

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Consider the entrepreneur seeking to invest their art and life in the realm of filmmaking-- although screenwriting, forming/ incorporating/ branding a production company, recruiting a cast and crew, securing intellectual property, shooting the film, getting it to market, and publicizing the film are disparate tasks, each chapter is yet united in theme, via the hero's odyssey monomyth. While the technological details (the body) will change, the grander story (the soul) throughout all realms of noble human endeavor remains essentially the same, and thus all ventures may be exalted by the classical ideals found within the "."Thus a most efficient, transcendant, enduring, and all-encompassing education consists not of going into vast debt for a classics-free BA, MBA, JD, & MFA, but in reading the Great Myths--all of which can be downloaded for free or purchased for a few dollars--all of which are exalted in my classes, books, and festivals, from Homer on down.

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Entrepreneurship has aspects of art--creation and the pursuit of higher aesthetics; and science--economics, finance, engineering, and physical invention. How these aspects, and many more--from intellectual property to corporate structures--combine to generate wealth, are part of an Epic Story that is told whenever an individual sets out to render their ideals and dreams real. Thus a most efficient way to study entrepreneurship--to unite its diverse aspects--is via the classic, epic Hero's Odyssey monomyth present in epics including Exodus and the Gospels, as well as the , , and .

getting it to market, and publicizing the film are disparate tasks, each chapter is yet united in theme, via the hero's odyssey monomyth
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The Odyssey as a Psychological Hero Journey

Call to Adventure, The Hero's Odyssey Monomyth, Rage of Achilles over River Styx, Calypso's Cave, Thor's Hammer, and Dante: Follow your own star.

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As you have seen here, the monomyth is prevalent throughout literature of all ages

versions of the Hero’s Journey that retain the same basic elements