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My most memorable day was when my friends and I climbed the gates of somewhere we weren't suppose to be. We started playing hide and seek and then realized that we were missing someone. The second we all turned around, we noticed my friend at the very top of the gate not knowing what to do but jump. So he did, but while jumping off, he cut his hand open. He cut it so bad that we all had to run to our cars without getting caught and take him to the ER.

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My most memorable day was when I graduated from middle school. I felt like I accomplished a lot and made my mom proud, because I gave it my all.

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My most memorable day was when I qualified to go to state and compete for guitar. Even though we didn't get a #1 rating it was still a fun and a great experience. This year I qualified to go to state again and this time I'll be ready since I already experienced it and know how they are going to judge you.

My most memorable day was the day I first went to school; because that was the day I started my journey to adulthood.
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My most memorable day was when I took my girlfriend out to eat. It was memorable to me because she's the person

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My most memorable day was when my baby sister Kaylen was born. As soon as school let out, my grandfather rushed me to the hospital. At around 8 PM, I got to meet my new baby sister!

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My most memorable day would have to be when my family and I stayed in Georgia, we went to a water park called Water Adventure. It was an awesome place; I enjoyed myself, I wish I never left that place. My favorite ride there would have to be the water slide. I kept going on that ride. It was my most memorable day. I got to spend it with my family, and it was at a place that was fun. I remember there was a ride that was called "The Cheetah." It would spin fast but I never got on, my dad did. It looked fun, but I was scared. That day would have to be my most memorable day to this day.

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My most memorable day is when my mom, brother and I went to the sand dunes at the island. We didn’t go into the water or do anything; we just danced, took pictures, laughed and lay in the sand. We didn’t have anywhere to be or anything to do. It was a calm day for just nothing.