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For me, the physical appearances of my ideal life partner would be a good looking guy

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I think my ideal life partner would be deeply into Dressed to Kill and Jacques Lacan. And she definitely wouldn't be blond. Dressed to Kill is like drugs and sleep and sex.

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What specific characteristics do I want my ideal life partner to possess? (generosity, open-mindedness, funny, gentle, strong personality, quiet, organized, similar beliefs about politics, finances, parenting, etc, fun, honest, similar goals, attractive, playful, out-going, etc.)

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I'm from South Africa, and we also have our fair share of beautiful Indian gals, Indian people have been here for just over 150 years - I had an Indian girlfriend when I was 16 (I'm now 32), and she was the same age as me, didn't last long coz her parents didn't approve.... So then I went back to dating white gals, then after being cheated on enough times by them, I met an Indian Muslim girl - we fell in love and talked about marriage after 8 months of being together, yet again, her parents also didn't approve, well, it was more her dad who broke us up because I wouldn't convert to Islam, and I didn't expect her to convert to Christianity, anyway.... My ideal life partner would be an Indian girl, although like white girls, not all of them are saints. A friend of mine says he's had nothing but bad luck with Indian girls, he says they're players and lyers and cheats, and mainly the Hindu girls.. So I hope I can find a decent one one day.

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Thanks for the great suggestions and kind feedback, Karl. I signed up with a dating service to help screen dates for a relative who was frightened to do it herself. It went well at first but got complicated a few months down the line so I deactivated the profile. I am happily married to my ideal life partner so thanks for those wishes – we’ll send them along to others in search of theirs.