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Kids often ask me what is my favourite gadget…that’s a hard one. If I had my choice, I’d love to fly on the Invisible Jet with it’s pool, spa, hyper fast capabilities and its Digital Think Amajig - a highly intelligent computer where you can watch your favourite films, videoclips, TV shows, any game you like, and the best part, order your favourite food in the whole world and have it delivered to you in seconds.

ViquiyMel: My favourite Gadget! :)

So, back to my favourite Gadget, I think I couldn't live without my VDR anymore

Horacio Pagani: "My favourite modern gadget

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So here is a roundup to all my favourite gadgets and apps

Now I would would like to say what my favourite Gadget Episodesare:Race To The Finish, The Japanese Connection, Down On The Farm, QuimbyExchange. Look many of the Gadget episodes are brilliant, but these fourstandout to me.

My favourite gadget of all time is my ‘’; modelled from Darth Vader’s Lightsabre used in Episode IV: A New Hope.
My favourite gadget/gizmo, would be a pack of puppy training pads, which I use to step on when I get out of the shower!

My favourite kitchen gadgets - what are yours

Laptops are my favourite gadget. I may carry my phone around with me all day, but it's my laptop that I turn to for nearly any serious digital activity.

From Deb - Kids often ask me what is my favourite gadget…that's a hard one

My favourite gadget is my mobile

"My favourite gadget is the iPhone 4S because of its amazing camera and cool features

"My favourite gadget is my Airwheel S3"