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In a significant historical sense, this development trend is areflection of the enigmatic impact of Western development. 2This fact adds an international dimension to the problem of therelationship between exogenous and endogenous sources oftechnological capability and creativity. More often than not, thevirtues of modern science and technology are simply taken forgranted. They are looked upon as something of absolute value andhave thus become, willy-nilly, an end in themselves, politicallyand ethically neutral and free from any damaging influences. Thisis the crux of the whole problem. It is by no means a merequestion of the use or misuse of science and technology from apurely technical standpoint, but involves the whole spectrum ofsocio-cultural factors underlying technological growth anddevelopment.

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At the same time, it is misuse of science and technology, in many cases is ..

scientists must help prevent misuse of science and technology

However, with the break-up of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, together with the growing realisation of the threat of climate change, the organisations decided to merge and widen their focus. A general concern about the misuse of science and technology in threatening human life and the wider environment became the organisation's central aim.

scientists must help prevent misuse of science and technology ..

The issue of codes of conduct is becoming increasingly important in the twenty-first century because…scientists need to be more aware of concerns over the misuse of science and technology

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In recent decades scientific research has created new and unexpected knowledge and technologies that offer unprecedented opportunities to improve human and animal health and environmental conditions. But some science and technology can be used for destructive purposes as well as for constructive purposes. Scientists have a special responsibility when it comes to problems of "dual use" and the misuse of science and technology.Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) is an organisation of some 600
UK scientists concerned by the use and misuse of science and technology,
and we would like to comment on some of the points made by the 114
biotechnology scientists in their letter to Tony Blair ("Scientists
complain GM debate was mishandled", 1st November), with which we disagree.Exhibition panels titled Science and Technology for Sustainable Living, and A Planet Alive sensitise visitors to the complex issues of human survival and the possible misuse of science and technology.Focusing exclusively on direct regulation of dual-use research and researchers gives us limited insight into the possibilities for preventing the misuse of science and technology. Moreover, the uses of dual-use research—about which we are primarily concerned—depend on the interplay between joint (and cooperative), and adversarial agents.
The misuse of science and technology is at the root of many of the modern world's problems

misuse of science and technology” (IAP 2005)

(4) Teaching the consequences of the use or misuse of science andtechnology is a fertile avenue for teaching values. Seeking beneficialapplications in alleviating poverty and pain, in improving livelihoods, andin developing communities are processes which can be used to developpositive values about the use of technology. So-called "community-based"teaching of science and technology is a useful method for teaching socially-desirable values.

in progress and the misuse of science and technology have also contributed to the crises we face

Use and misuse of Science and Technology

Since its founding, the Kyung Hee University System has led the "creation of a civilized world" and worked toward creating the common values of freedom, equality, peace, and mutual prosperity. Kyung Hee has a proud tradition of efforts to resolve the various problems of modern society such as the misuse of science and technology, and the rise of terrorism and conflict caused by excessive competition, environmental depletion, the isolation of mankind, and the loss of humanity's character.

as well as his continued aim to satirize the modern misuse of science and technology

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Here, we again see King’s awareness of current scientific developments. Instead of talking generically about satellites dashing through outer space, he refers to the Soviet Sputnik 1 and American Explorer 1 satellites, both launched shortly before the book’s publication, by name. King also warned of the misuse of science and technology by segregationists to further oppression, such as the design of urban rapid-transit systems that ignored black neighborhoods (King 325–326) and the claims of southern anthropologists of “proof” of racial superiority (King 358).