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While making a study timetable it is easy to get carried away and making the mistake of being overambitious. Instead of falling into this trap, make an achievable timetable considering the breaks you are going to take, the time you are going to spend chatting on the phone, the time you are going to spend watching TV and other margins for other distractions.

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A major reason is poor organization. Another contributing factor is poor time management. We have previously looked at and discussed some ways to help students with their time management like making a study timetable, so today we are going to focus on poor organization or more importantly ways to improve your organization.

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Students from across the schools and grades mentioned that they were using the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom programme in their daily lives. This included adopting healthy eating habits (for example, reduction in consumption of aerated beverages), being more respectful to elders and more civil to peers (i.e. not bullying), avoiding abusive language, changing attitudes towards education, becoming more aware of personal safety and safety in the community, managing anger better, improving personal hygiene, and understanding the physiological changes associated with adolescence. Additionally, many students said that they had benefited from the study skills sessions, and were following the tips for concentration, memorisation and making a study timetable. In some cases, this had led to tangible improvements in academic outcomes. For example:6thGrade Male Student, School F, 2009–10

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