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Telesforo Sungkit Jr. (3rd from left, in orange) poses with
award-winning Mindanawon writer Dr. Macario Tiu (left) and other young
writers from Mindanao during the Philippine PEN Conference in December
2013 at the De La Salle University in Manila
Bukidnon News photo courtesy of FB account of Ms. Jhoanna Cruz

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Panelists and resource persons include Glenn Sevilla Mas, Raul Moldez, Arthur Casanova, Charlson Ong, Rebecca Añonuevo, Shem Salait Linohon, Marne Kilates, Macario Tiu, Mohammad Nassefh Macla, Don Pagusara, Christine Godinez Ortega, Santiago Villafania, Crispin Nacpil Cadiang, Telesforo Sungkit Jr., Kristian Cordero, Jun Cruz Reyes, Gutierrez Mangansakan II, Arnel Mardoquio, among others.

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In his new book, award-winning writer and historian Macario Tiu attempts to set straight the myths and inaccuracies of Davao�s history. Why, he asks, should Datu Bago be depicted as a pirate � and not the Basque invader Uyanguren? He remembers the heroic acts of Davaoe�os past and present. “The task is to locate more of these heroic men and women who have done a great deed in defense of Davao, of the country and reclaim them from oblivion.”I recently visited Davao City last December and had the chance to talk to Macario Tiu who happens to be a friend during our days at ADD college. He told me that he wrote two books one being the much discussed book in your article and the other “Conquest and Rebellion…”. I thought I would have the time to llok up the latter but my visit was really short. DAVAO CITY — The trophy that Davao writer Macario Tiu won from the National Book Award for his book on Davao history is, of all things, a sculpted camera.Vicente Po, a young man living at 515 Reina Regente Street, Manila, was kidnapped for ransom on December 12, 1946 from the vicinity of his home, and killed on December 17 on the ground floor of a small almost dilapidated house at 13 Bonifacio Street, San Juan, Rizal. For this crime, the appellants — Carlos Miranda Tan and Uy Chen Tek y Pi — were prosecuted with Macario Tiu, who, before arraignment, was discharged on motion of the city fiscal to be used as a state witness; and found guilty of kidnapping and serious illegal detention, they were sentenced to and costs.
Bago Aplaya By Macaio Tiu

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Macario Tiu y Chua, a young chap of seventeen, testified that having requested O Pe to find a job for him and O Pe having promised to do so, they met on a Sunday in a restaurant on T. Alonso Street. There O Pe told him that he got a job for him as watchman. Seated beside O Pe were the two accused to whom O Pe now and then whispered. At the conclusion of the conversation O Pe told the defendants that they were going to hire the witness as a watchman but the accused did not say anything. All came out of the restaurant together but they separated outside, the witness going in one direction and the accused together in another direction.

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In a similar note, Macario Tiu, Davao-based literary critic, writes: “It is high time we write stories, poems, novels, dramas directed to our own communities. It is high time we write in our own respective languages. The audiences in our communities are in the millions. Let us reach them. Let us link up with them because they are our roots.”

Macario C Tiu is listed as an Officer with Pyramid International Trading And Engineering Group Inc

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Why this has been the case has never been thoroughly explained to us by our education czars nor our historians. But one can possibly come out with some tentative observations. The first has to do with numbers. When you go down the list of historians across the nation, what stands out is that you can count with your fingers those who write about Muslim Mindanao and/or Mindanao: Ruben Canoy, Salah Jubair (Mohagher Iqbal), Francisco Lara, the late Cesar A. Majul, Datuk Michael Mastura, Rudy Rodil, Samuel K. Tan, Macario Tiu, and the tandem of and .