kareen nussbaum children and beauty pageants

Children and Beauty Pageants by Kareen Nussbaum. Beauty pageants became part of the American society in the 1920’s. Child beauty pageants began in the 1960’s. Introducing a new concept in eyewear Frames specially formatted to fit children with Down syndrome and other special needs. All frames under

kareen nussbaum child beauty pageants

kareen nussbaum children and beauty pageants

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Kareen Nussbaum, a student at Brooklyn College, wrote a research paper a few years ago on the topic that provides some basic background. In the paper, she quoted Charles Dunn, Pageantry Magazine’s publisher, saying that more than 100,000 children under 12 years old participate each year in beauty pageants. According to Nussbaum, stage mothers commented that pageant attire can cost up to $12,000. Then there’s the additional cost of makeup and hair designs, which, by the way, can take up to an hour for makeup and 90 minutes for hair (Nussbaum1).

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As a matter of fact, something interesting (and absolutely outrageous) to keep in mind is that beauty pageants are actually exempt from child exploitation and child abuse regulations. In an essay researching children and beauty pageants, written by a student at Brooklyn College, Kareen Nussbaum, it clearly states:

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karen nussbaum beauty pageants

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Karen Nussbaum has spent 30 years fighting for the rights of working women and men

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In her article “Children and Beauty Pageants,” Kareen Nussbaum argues that traveling, stress, ..

Children and Beauty Pageants by Kareen Nussbaum