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This show equated two separate issues while ignoring others related to both. Corporations head-hunting are after the most obvious juicy brains, often at the cheapest prices. But anyone who creates businesses and jobs here should be instantly embraced, and treated separately. There should be a distinction. Meanwhile countless immigrants with degrees are not allowed to work in their fields of expertise because their schooling and experience aren’t recognized here. Now THAT’s a brain drain. For those who study here and want to stay, everything becomes more complex: The grand idealism of your statement that this country was built and is invigorated by immigrants is too simplistic. We have been stealing the best brains from other countries for a long time, favoring those who are already wealthy and educated. But your own show pointed out that immigrant vigor is really derived from our poorer immigrants and their determination. Many of them are thwarted at every turn, educated or not. Since we are forced to live in a world with national boundaries, which is the true big picture problem, we should surely be focused on those already here, and enhancing opportunity for those who need it, new arrivals and all, with the idealism inscribed on the State of Liberty, while insisting that corporations find and nurture the talent we already have.

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Sadly the Americans affected by these programs have lost everything (jobs, homes, healthcare, and more). We need to decide between putting dinner on the table and healthcare – and have become invisible. We don’t have the dollars to fund media shows.. And, if you look beyond the cover page of these so called studies are, at best, flawed. Creative statistics cannot be reproduced and references are non-existent.

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It’s disgusting that well funded organizations with an agenda continue to perpetuate the big lie – the lack of qualified Americans for jobs in our own country. Look around, there’s absolutely no shortage of educated, skilled, talented, and motivated Americans ready, willing and way more than able to take on the challenges of our own country.

JOBS4US is an organization designed to assist adults with disabilities who are interested in entering the workforce. The program serves jobseekers with disabilities including: cognition, hearing, vision, mobility, developmental disorders, seizure disorders, and psychiatric disorders. The main goal of JOBS4US is to empower the jobseeker by completing a full assessment allowing him/her to understand their full potential as a future employee. An additional JOBS4US goal is to match our jobseekers with an employer in their area of interest allowing them to be in a supportive work environment and have consistent opportunities to perform to the best of their abilities. JOBS4US works openly with the employers in order for the jobseeker to successfully meet their personal goals that they develop during the assessment process.A feature of jobs online is the difficulties that presents itself in working these jobs. The following is a step by step guide to getting the most out of working online.
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For more than a decade, Microsoft has supplemented its American-born workforce with foreigners who come to the US on temporary H-1B work visas. The federal government offers just 65,000 H-1B visas each year, however, and in prosperous years the cap quickly maxes out. In September, the software giant claimed it couldn't fill some 6,000 domestic jobs due to a shortage of qualified Americans and a lack of available visas.

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What about Americans with Advanced Degrees? With 20k H-1b allowed every year, these are 20k less jobs available for Americans to compete. And, 20k+ fewer seats in Universities, available housing and more. Why should non-citizens be given preference over US citizens who have paid their dues and taxes for jobs in the USA. Talent knows no borders, there are as many gifted Americans as citizens from other countries.

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Jobs Online step 5: When you find an employer and agree job terms, stick to them. Even a short term project with a clear end date does not mean that will be the end of your relationship. Work hard for those who have placed the trust in your talents to provide and they will gain benefit off your efforts. Your effort now will result in benefits to their business which WILL result in more work for you. Look after your clients and they will look after you.