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James Cross Giblin is the author of eighteen books for young readers, many of which have received awards and honors. Twelve of his titles have been named Notable Children's Books by the American Library Association. In 1996 he received the Washington Post--Children's Book Guild Award for Nonfiction for his body of work. Mr. Giblin lives in New York City.

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James Cross Giblin has been a mentor for many.

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James Cross Giblin has been a major figure in the field of children's book publishing since the 1970s. Not only did he edit the work of many writers during his years at Clarion Books, but Giblin has also authored many original nonfiction books for young readers. His highly praised children's books include Chimney Sweeps: Yesterday and Today, The Truth about Santa Claus, Let There Be Light: A Book about Windows, and Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth. As Giblin once explained, "Nonfiction books for children aged eight to twelve [give] me the opportunity to pursue my research interests, meet interesting and stimulating experts in various fields, and share my enthusiasms with a young audience. I try to write books that I would have enjoyed reading when I was the age of my readers."

James Cross Giblin is an author.

James Cross Giblin was born on July 8, 1933 in Cleveland, Ohio. He spent hischildhood in Ohio, then attended Northwestern University in 1951. He later transferredto Western Reserve University (now Case Western Reserve University) where hereceived his B.A. in 1954. In 1955, Giblin received a M.F.A. from Columbia University increative writing.

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Growing up in , Ohio, James Cross Giblin spent his summers consuming the shelves of the Morley Public Library. If he had done well, at the end of the summer he would have a pole of construction paper fish or a multicolored feathered headdress to memorialize his achievement. These summer reading contests were the brainchild of Ms. Abbott, the local librarian. "I thought it was a little silly," remembers Giblin, "especially when everyone who completed the contest had to put on his or her headdress for a group photo on the front steps of the library." Nevertheless, he returned every year, looking forward to the chance of learning more and more from the books. Jim Giblin has had two long and fruitful careers in children’s books, first as an editor, retiring as publisher of Clarion Books in 1989, and continuing to flourish as an author, most recently of The Rise and Fall of Senator Joe McCarthy (Clarion, 2009). He is currently working on a joint biography of movie pioneers Lillian Gish and D.W. Griffith. In honor of Jim’s work and his many years of mentoring new writers, The Highlights Foundation has established the James Cross Giblin Scholarship Fund to enable writers to attend the writing workshops and conferences held at Highlights’ beautiful campus in the Poconos. The Highlights Foundation, who asked me to help spread the word about the scholarship and the illustrious and lovely Mr. Giblin, sponsors this edition of Talks with Roger.Award-winning author James Cross Giblin draws on first-hand accounts of family members, friends, and colleagues to create vivid images of Edwin Booth and his brother John Wilkes, best known today as the man who shot Abraham Lincoln. He traces the events leading up to the assassination and describes the effects of John Wilkes's infamous deed on himself, his family, and his country. Comprehensive and compelling, this dual portrait illuminates a dark and tragic moment in the nation's history and explores the complex legacy of two leading men--one revered, the other abhorred. Notes, bibliography, index.

James Cross Giblin has had a profound effect on all parts of the juvenile publishing industry. We knew that, you and I. We have seen it at work.
Author: James Cross Giblin; Joyce Hansen

James Cross Giblin has been a mentor for many.

After overcoming his first demoralizing attempts, James Cross Giblin became an award-winning author. He mixes history and exciting story-telling to produce his texts and uses both recent inspiration and early memories to guide him. In maybe the best success of all, he can now spend summers finding books on the shelves of the Morley Public Library -- though he won't get a headdress this time.

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by James Cross Giblin; Michael Dooling, Illustrator

Now available in paperback for the first time, James Cross Giblin and Michael Dooling relate the story of our nation's third president and author of the Declaration of Independence.Thomas Jefferson was a soft-spoken man. But his contributions to American democracy live on as bold reminders of his formidable intellect and spirit. Son of a wealthy famer, young Thomas…

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* “The most complete and successful biography of the Führer available for this audience.”— starred review
Many people believe Hitler was the personification of evil. In this Sibert Medal–winning biography, James Cross Giblin penetrates this façade and presents a picture of a complex person—at once a…