Differences between JAL Family Club/Premio card and JAL USA CARD

Each JAL Family Club member will receive 300 bonus miles per JAL Group International flight sector when traveling on applicable booking classes; F,A,J,C,D,X,I,W,E*,Y,B,H,K,M,L,V,S.
*ineligible for package tour

Switching from JAL Family Club/Premio card to JAL USA CARD

Special miles exclusively for JAL Family Club members will be offered.

Regions and Countries Where JAL Family Club Membership Is Available :

*JAL Family Club awards (mileage pool and bonus mile etc.) cannot be used after withdrawl from JAL Family Club.
*Re-admission is not allowed for six months after withdrawal from JAL Family Club.
* If you wish to withdraw from JAL Family Club and you are also a member of 【Family Club Member Insurance Package】 which we provide as a part of JAL Family Club service, please contact the insurance agent where you applied to.

Enjoying more attractive benefits of JAL Family Club (JALFC) program.

Only the spouse, children and their spouses, parents, and spouse’s parents of a primary member who are JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) members can register as family members of JAL Family Club. Up to 8 persons may be registered as a family member.
Registered address of the family member is the same as the registered address of the primary member.
JAL Family Club Family Additional Fee is as below per procedure regardless of the number of persons to be added.
However, the family member additional fee will be free if the family member additional procedure is taken in Japan prior to the primary member moving overseas.

Enjoy special bonus mile offers exclusively for JAL Family Club members.
JAL Family Club is a membership organization for members who move overseas due to overseas relocation or study abroad, and members who live overseas (no annual fee).
We offer services exclusive to JAL Family Club members in addition to standard JAL Mileage Bank services including family mileage pool, Bonus Miles when flying JAL and event invitations.Membership requirements for the JAL Family Club are valid until the end of the same month 5 years after enrollment.
We will automatically deduct 1,000 miles per family from the family mileage pool as a renewal fee every 5 years after enrollment.
*Your membership will be withdrawn automatically if we cannot deduct mileage.Even when your spouse relocates overseas on their own, if your entire family enrolls in JAL Family Club you can pool mileage for award redemption free of charge.
Enjoy more opportunities to accumulate and use mileage such as when visiting your spouse on holidays.*Please print the special form on JAL Family Club Member Exclusive Page and send by post or FAX to the destination of your region as follows.
Procedures regarding JAL Family Club shall be taken by the primary member. However, we will consider JMB proxy of the primary member in the JMB proxy system and family members who are over the age of 18 as proxy of the primary member and accept procedures.
Enjoying more attractive benefits of JAL Family Club (JALFC) program.

혹시 가족 합산 제도같은 것이 없나 해서 찾아보니 JFC(JAL Family Club)이라는 제도가 있었다.

JAL Family Club is a fee-based extension of JMB for international travelers and their family members. Anyone who joins the JAL Family Club automatically becomes registered as a JMB member and is eligible to receive all the JMB awards, plus many other JAL Family Club services and special offers the entire family can enjoy.

Exclusive privileges and bonus mile offers for JAL Family Club members.


There are three types of membership of JAL Mileage Bank, all of which come with various entitlements. The most basic kind of membership is known simply as JAL Mileage Bank. This kind of membership is open to individuals only, and simply allows members to accrue and redeem points by flying with JAL, OneWorld Alliance partners or other retail and travel partners. JAL Family Club membership is open to individuals or families, and provides the same benefits as JAL Mileage Bank, but with more people registered to one account, there is a greater opportunity to earn points. For those looking for a little extra there is the third kind of membership, the JAL Card. This comes with a credit card affiliated with VISA, MasterCard, JCB and Diners Club International. As well as earning points on any flights members buy, they can also earn points on any purchase made using the credit card. Additionally, members with a JAL Card are entitled to 10% discounts on inflight purchases made on JAL, JAA and JALways flights.

JAL Family Club members living overseas who have already registered for this promotion

JAL Mileage Bank - JAL Family Club

An application acceptance for a new credit card program called JAL USA CARD has been opened on September 29, 2010. In launching this new program, application for JAL Family Club/Premio card was closed as of September 28. Detailed information regarding the product and rewards is available at . Thank you very much for your understanding