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Eric is the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. He breaks down and accepts that he was responsible for raping Eva and even offered her £50 pounds. Inspector Goole had successfully charged all members of the Birling family and Gerald with the death of Eva. He leaves the scene making all of them feel guilty. Their superficial lifestyle prevents them from accepting blame for too long and later find out there is no Inspector Goole posted at the local police station. Initially, there is no death reported at the infirmary. The situation changes drastically when news comes in that a death due to consumption of disinfectant was reported. Inspector Calls essays must highlight the fact that crime does not pay. People must realize they have to have compassion for other people as well.

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The exams are as follows:
English Literature Exam: 75% - Students study drama, prose and poetry for the exam.
Paper 1: EXPLORING TEXTS – 40%
Section A: An Inspector Calls essay (either/or question choice) 20%
Section B: Of Mice and Men essay (based on an extract, no choice of question) 20%
Paper 2: POETRY – 35%

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Even when you think you are done writing your Inspector calls essay, you should always dedicate some time for editing and proofreading your work. You could use some software for checking grammar and spelling, or asking someone to carefully read your paper before handing it in.

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An Inspector Calls essay should first put the play within its social and political context with the thesis statement that it was written in 1912 by John Boynton Priestley to express his sympathies towards socialism. Through the scenes of this play Priestly brings to our attention what can take place if human beings do not care adequately for each other.To conclude, yourAn Inspector Calls essay should describe the setting and purpose, give an outline of the story, and analyze the key characters and events of the play by quoting from the text.The second paragraph of An Inspector Calls essay should summarize the plot to further affirm the thesis statement. An Inspector Calls essay should then analyze key character in the play like the inspector who is hazily portrayed through his actions. Ultimately the audience is left to piece together their own ideas about his true identity. Also try to explain in what way the plot of the play is related to the findings of the thesis statement.
Are you taking an English literature course? Then, you are likely to be asked for something such as An inspector calls. Are you worried about how you are going to handle this ? It is a widely popular play, and itself such a common , that many pages have been written about An inspector calls. However, your should still be unique if you want to obtain a good mark.
In any case, if you want to try and write your own Inspector calls essay, here are some tips you may find useful. We’ll explain you how to deal with this in just five easy steps.
Description: GCSE an inspector calls essay. Regarding common themes such as responsibility and morality.

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YourAn Inspector Calls essay should focus on and analyze characters like the inspector and Sheila who is described as, “…a pretty girl in her early twenties, very pleased with life and rather excited” At the beginning of the play we see her as a flighty and gullible person who loves to enjoy life. In later scenes her character becomes more concerned and caring of those less fortunate than herself.

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An Inspector Calls essay should draw attention to the fact that the play centers around the Birling family and the entrance of the inspector in to their lives, just when they are celebrating the engagement of their daughter Sheila. The appearance of the inspector quickly turns their happiness in to misery.

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Before actually starting to write your Inspector calls essay, it is a good idea sketching briefly an outline of your work. As in any literary essay, you should always mention some basic elements of the plot, but be careful not to constrain yourself to storytelling. In fact, a good essay should include a proper analysis.