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Modes of political consciousness which question the legitimacy of the routine and murderous oppression of other species by our own are delegitimized as political positions and denied hearing in the political arena. Political action aimed at correcting, or at least at granting visibility to, the gratuitous cruelty of human behaviour towards animals is dismissed as extremistic, extravagant, irrelevant or crazy.

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This argument fails to note that states restrict human behaviour towards animals with the aim of protecting animals in many situations, not just that of 'endangered species'. For example the aforementioned fox hunting ban, which outlawed hunting foxes with dogs as it was deemed excessively 'cruel' to the animal, even though many people enjoyed the practice. This is done not only because humans are able to hold themselves to a higher moral standard than animals but also because animal suffering tends to produce a negative emotional response in many humans (such as amongst those who disliked the suffering of foxes in hunts and pushed for the ban), and thus we prevent human suffering by preventing animal suffering.

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As Jeremy Bentham wrote, ‘The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?’ (which he wrote in the context of comparing human behaviour towards slaves with human behaviour towards animals, as can be seen from the full passage quoted in ).

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Abstract: At the RSPCA Victoria, we often see the worst of human behaviour towards animals

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Human Behaviour Towards Animals denotes direct or indirect human actions which may be useful, harmless or harmful to an animal

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