Hozukimaru pole teiega midagi jaganud.

Otro fan art de Bleach, Madarame Ikkaku con su bankai, Ryumon Hozukimaru. Me encantan los personajes agresivos de Bleach, jejejeje. Hale, espero que os guste!!

Madarame Ikkaku's Shikai Hozukimaru Episode: Bleach 331(Filler)

However, is Hozukimaru a good zanpakuto for 6000g? ($150) I... I'm going to say not really, no.

Extend(?) your reach, Hozukimaru~Ikaku

Ikkaku and Hozukimaru doing the lucky dance :D Flipped so it won't get taken down very quickly.

Episode 237 of Bleach, English Dub. If you don't like the dub, then please don't comment.


Madarame Ikkaku's Shikai Hozukimaru Episode: Bleach 331(Filler)

Ikkaku releases his Bankai, Ryumon Hozukimaru, which he has kept a secret for some time. He clashes with Edrad, who shows his true power by releasing his zanpakuto.

just go to fortify tab in zanp, click on change zanp, and choose hozukimaru
Squad 11 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame: Shikai release: "Grow", bankai: Ryuman Hozukimaru

Ryumon-Hozukimaru (pHiicK) - DeviantArt

Its Shikai command is "Grow" (nobiro; "Extend" in the English version). Hozukimaru's Shikai is unusual in that Ikkaku slams Hozukimaru's hilt (and sometimes its pommel) into its sheath to activate it when saying the command phrase. Once activated, Hozukimaru takes on the form of what initially appears to be a naginata (spear) with a wax wood shaft. The pommel also has a red horsehair tassel. While able to deliver powerful blows, it is not very durable as it tends to break against particularly strong strikes.

Hozukimaru in 3 Teile

Madarame Ikkaku's Shikai Hozukimaru Episode: Bleach 331(Filler)

Hozukimaru's spirit is that of a large man resembling an oni with dark brown skin and orange hair. He is shirtless and wears a white robe in the form of a skirt, revealing a tattoo on his shoulders in a design similar to the dragon symbol on Ikkaku's Bankai. He also appears to have red markings under his eyes, similar to Ikkaku's.

Hozukimaru in 3 Teile

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Hozukimaru (Demon Light) It appears like any regular Zanpakuto when sealed. Madarame does hide a small vial of healing ointment in the base of the hilt, though. Hozukimaru's cross guard is an oval, with what look like three small teardrops in relief on both the top and bottom end.