I think homework should be totally abolished.

In my Upper Elementary Montessori classroom I do give homework. It ranges from spelling, reading aloud to a parent or sibling, math practice, poetry or helping with dishes. For the child who focuses throughout the day there may not be any homework at all because I ensure that there is time in the day to complete these tasks as well. I choose not to give homework that is merely “busy work”, it all has a purpose. For me, the notion that we are helping to prepare the child for life is very important. I could chat for days about the benefits of the Montessori philosophy and the merits of a Montessori education. Where would we be as adults if we decided that we didn’t want to pay our bills or drive the speed limit because we felt it was harmful to us in some way. Ridiculous. There would be natural consequences. I think we are heading down a slippery slope and taking our children with us when we fail to balance freedom with responsibility. Depending on how a concept is presented, it could be met with interest or scorn. Of course, children everywhere would say that homework should be abolished. What child wouldn’t. Perhaps we could survey children and see how may of them would like to eat dessert for breakfast.

yes homework should be abolished

exposition of why homework should be abolished

holiday homework should be abolished

Many people today argue that homework should be abolished as it is not an efficient educational tool. However, this statement can be argued on many accounts as there are some benefits to homework that make it valuable for the process of studying.

exposition of why homework should be abolished

I never did like homework. I believe most of school is pointless busywork, anyway. Homework should be abolished, and lectures/coursework should be of a higher quality. Do you work 15 hours a day without pay? Most high school students question the value of their education anyway. I never finished high school simply because of homework, but I turned out all right. Ironically though, that now that I'm in post secondary, I do about five hours of homework a night by my own choice (IT training Certification).

holiday homework should be abolished
I believe homework should be abolished. We should have classwork instead.

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Homework should be abolished as it is an extra burden for students. children can not give their full attention to their studies as they are loaded with so much of homework. Homework should be abolished as it is just an extra burden for students.

I’m very sure the debate on whether homework should be abolished in schools can be greatly welcomed by students, but not academicians.

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I think homework should be abolished especially for the writing part. It gives too much burden to the students.


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