Green v Bestobell Industries Pty Ltd [1982] WAR 1

Many would agree that the board of directors are a crucial part of corporate governance. They practice the highest level of control over a company; establishing the will and mind of companies (understanding business law). They monitor almost all parts of a company’s functions, also overseeing the activities of a company by ensuring that corporations act in the best interests of the stakeholders. In this essay I will discuss why directors are an essential component of corporate governance and why their actions have a direct effect on the community and other stakeholders. This will be achieved by drawing from both statute law and common law using examples of cases. Cases that will be examined where ASIC enforced statutory law on directors ASIC v Vizard and ASIC v Adler. Cases that will be examined where directors breached common duties include Green v Bestobell Industries Pty Ltd and Mills v Mills. Furthermore to examine the affect director’s actions have on the community in the case of NRMA v Geeson.

Green v Bestobell: Breach – manager tendering direct

v Scott Green v Bestobell Industries Pty

Green v Bestobell Industries Pty Ltd (1982) 1 ACLC 1 was a case in which a senior manager’s position in a company allowed him to gain a secret profit for another company he had set up. The court held that...

Green v Bestobell Industries Ltd [1982] WAR 1

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