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Gerald Croft. (Age: about 30) Engaged to be married to Birling’s daughter, Sheila. His parents, Sir George and Lady Croft, are above the Birlings socially, and it seems his mother disapproves of his engagement to Sheila. He is very much the easy well-bred young-man-about-town. He works for his father's company, Crofts Limited, which seems to be both bigger and older than Birling and Company.

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Gerald Croft – engaged to Sheila Birling Edna – maid of Birling household

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Shelia Birling is their daughter in her middle twenties and is obviously pleased with life, as she has just got engaged to Gerald Croft who is near 30 years old and is very confident about himself. ... Birling wants to make a good impression on the new member of the family, Gerald; in the opening lines of the play Mr. ... Birling of this similarity but it is obvious he asked which port Gerald"s father bought and has used this to impress Gerald, this may be a way in which Mr. Birling is trying to "climb the social ladder" to one on a par with the Croft family and his wife. ... Mr Birling is imm...

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Also I think it could be a Detective story because it involves a suicide, and the reason for that suicide were unravelled all the way throughout the play, and in the end the people held responsible are all revealed, but there is no possible way that the Birlings or Mr Gerald Croft could be physical punished for what they had done to Eva Smith, but they could be punished mentally for life, having to live with all the guilt. ...

Gerald Croft – engaged to Sheila Birling Edna – maid of Birling household
A brief summary of "An inspector callsaE:The story takes its start an evening in spring to the engagement party of Gerald Croft and Sheila Birling, in the house of the Birling. ... (his wife)-Sheila Birling (his daughter)-Eric Birling (his son)-Edna (the maid)-Gerald Croft (engaged to Sheila)-Inspector Goole.... The Birlings are having an engagement party of Gerald Croft and Sheila Birling, in the house of the Birling. ... Birling, and she is engaged to Gerald Croft. ... Gerald"s family are nobility. ...'Oh-come-I'm treating Gerald like one of the family.... 'Mr Birling welcomes Croft into his family as he represents a business link between his firm and that of Gerald Croft's father (a rival). ... He hopes that the Crofts would be happy to be part of the Birling institution. ... He wants people to know that Crofts are part of Birling so he can gain more business and profit; to take over Crofts would be to seal his rise to social status.'We may look forward to the time when Crofts and Birling are no longer competing but are working together-for lower costs and hi...The plot of "An Inspector Calls" is about an inspector who interrupts the elegant engagement dinner party of Gerald Croft and Sheila Birling, to question the Birling family about the suicide of a young working-class girl called Eva Smith. ... She is only there for the family, for example, during the late evening the family makes reference to her when Gerald returns from his stroll. ... Birling-"No don't go, I told Edna to wait up to make us some teaaE When Edna returned with Gerald, she was not thanked. ... Eva (or as she had changed her name to Daisy Renton) Daisy started an affai...Mrs Birling seemed to be a very tough woman because she never gave into the Inpector, where as Gerald Croft gave himself away instantly because when the Inpector said the womans name "Daisy Renton" Gerald asks "what?"...
A dramatic monologue I wrote for school, for Gerald Croft of An Inspector Calls.

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Perhaps one main point to remember is that none of the Birling household, and Gerald Croft, have actually committed any crime in the eyes of the law. ... However, it is obvious that Goole was not completely impartial in his condemnation of the Birling family and Gerald. ... when referring to the ring Gerald has just given her. ... Throughout his&...

A dramatic monologue I wrote for school, for Gerald Croft of An Inspector Calls.

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The action unfolds in a fictitious town in northern England where the Birling family is celebrating the fortuitous engagement of daughter Sheila to the scion of an another even-more-successful manufacturing family, Gerald Croft, with toasts and plenty of pomp. Showcasing their good fortune, the men are in tails, the ladies in fancy dress.

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Gerald Croft has two roles in An Inspector Calls, he is seen as a betrayal to Shiela, but also a sweet and helpful person to Eva. Gerald helps Eva in times of need, and really cares for her, he provides her with a home and food and always makes her smile. He is a real gentlemen. On the other hand, whilst caring for Eva he lies and decieves Shiela which makes him a unsensitive and uncaring man. Although many people would disagree it think that.....