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Haredi extremists in Jerusalem discover reason for troubles befalling Israeli people: Immodest clothes worn by women. For months, activists go door to door collecting clothes that don't hold up to rabbis' modesty standards. Thursday confiscated clothes set ablaze, pamphlets with list of forbidden clothes distributed...

Forbidden Clothing is not a "movement" just a streetwear co

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If the participants doesn't pay any money for participating in the contest and this contest has a prize to the winner , then this prize is equivalent to giving a " gift " , which is permissible , as long as this contest does not involve in doing Haram things such as wearing forbidden clothes by the participants , music , singing , dance , clapping , etc .

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Immediately after "El Aurens" debuts, the Arabs invite him to take a joyride (to the degree one can "joyride" on a camel) and grow accustomed to his new robes. The scene that follows I find particularly enjoyable because it very much mimics the actions of the trans person in childhood/adolescence, trying on forbidden clothes and secretly experimenting with different looks in front of the mirror.

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Forbidden - not permitted or allowed, not conforming to the usual selection principles. Forbidden Clothing is not a "movement" just a streetwear co. for the everyday grinder.

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Every year, a day or two into the fall semester, students are herded by grade into the multi-purpose room to hear the school administrators’ annual “expectation of student conduct and dress code” lecture. On stage is an old clothes rack from the defunct home economics department with a display of baggy pants with 40-inch waists to use as examples of what must not be worn to school. Other forbidden clothes are hats and T-shirts that promote drugs or alcohol, flip-flops, bedroom slippers, shower shoes, wife-beater T-shirts, and, for girls, pajama bottoms and low-cut and see-thru blouses.

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In the short story "Forbidden Clothes", that is Nasreen's situation.