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"Major bear markets are accompanied by a reduction in the size of people's unit of allegiance, the group that they consider to be like themselves. At the peak, it's all 'we'; everyone is a potential friend. At a bottom it's all 'they'; everyone is a potential enemy. When times are good, tolerance is greater and boundaries weaker. When times are bad, intolerance for differences grows, and people build walls and fences to shut out those perceived to be different. Ultimately, persecution and war result. Let's look at four examples of xenophobia and exclusionism going on in Europe now: Anti-immigration behavior, Extreme right-wing political victories, Anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism. All these "anti-isms" spring from the same source: the emerging bear market in social mood. As Europe heads lower, the urge to close ranks and close out others will metamorphose into open conflict and escapist activities. The decline has a long way to go, so the likelihood is that the national boundaries separating EU members will regain much of their historic significance".

Examples of Xenophobia from Various Parts of the World

from traditionally Muslim societies also constituted direct examples of xenophobia.

Can you think of any example of xenophobia in history

Planted within this sermon was a seed of hubris that would sprout occasional xenophobic outbreaks throughout the remainder of United States’ history. The current clamoring to “secure the border” by conservative groups within the United States represents only the latest of examples of xenophobia in America.

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Criticisms of Islam and anti-Muslim political rhetoric have been intertwined with cultural and ethnic hostility that extends even to secularized immigrants from traditionally Muslim societies. As early as 1997 the Runnymede Trust in the United Kingdom issued a report on Islamophobia, revealing widespread hatred of Islam and Muslims across all sections of British society. Similarly the November 2005 riots in which minority ethnic youths in France took part exposed a deeply entrenched racism in the country. Both the riots and the response to them, which involved the invocation of emergency law, the imposition of curfews, and the deployment of thousands of police, brought into the open the xenophobic aspects of Frances secular republicanism. These events were followed by the debate over the publication of Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, based on the assumption that Muslims do not have any experience of freedom of speech or do not believe in the concept. In the United States and Canada the growing threat to civil liberties and the resultant alienation experienced by many Muslims or citizens of immigrant background from traditionally Muslim societies also constituted direct examples of xenophobia. In Britain the 2005 London bombings led to new antiterrorist legislation advanced by the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair, ultimately scapegoating past policies of multiculturalism and targeting Muslim communities as a whole.

Examples of Xenophobia:
Examples of Xenophobia:

very simple example of xenophobia is as below.

The massacre of Srebrenica, where 7 000 Muslims, mainly boys and men were killed by Serbian forces, remains one of the world’s worst examples of xenophobia.

An example of Draculas xenophobia is when Dracula comes out of his coffin in the beginning on the..

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Xenophobia is most commonly known as “an unreasonable fear of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.” Xenophobia has become an increasingly alarming problem all across the world and the State of Qatar realizes that something must be done to combat Xenophobia immediately. Needless to say, Xenophobia has been a large problem across the world for a very long time. Perhaps the first major instance of Xenophobia was in the early 1900’s in Europe during the Holocaust. After that, the Red Scare and the development of the Klu Klux Klan in the United States are a few more examples of Xenophobia across the globe. More specifically, in Qatar, the cause for xenophobic violence has been directed towards the Islamic religion in particular. Qatar believes that educating the younger generations in countries where Xenophobic violence is being practiced will help to end Xenophobia.

An example of someone xenophobic is a friend who is terrified to travel to foreign countries

societies also constituted direct examples of xenophobia

I’ve learned how much support there is, particularly for youth, the homeless and mental health as it relates to LGBT people. But I saw research that has been done here showing that in society as a whole there is still discrimination, social exclusion, social segregation. I don’t see solidarity with the people who most need help. There are examples of xenophobia. However, I am pleased to have met some of the activists and participants who are committed to bringing these issues forward.