Apart from being a fine example of xenophobia, this was nonsense.

Contrary to what the US news media likes to write, Muslims as a rule, are not terrorists and do not deserve the terrorist label in the first place. When we pejoratively label another human being we begin the process of making them less human and thus, to our primitive minds easier to irrationally hate. Dehumanizing people invariably leads to tragedy: see any war/genocide. And yet, we have in this shining example of xenophobia exactly the case I’m arguing against.

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from traditionally Muslim societies also constituted direct examples of xenophobia.

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The only example of xenophobia I encountered was of this nature, and it was indirect. When I first began visiting the Chinese lady who is now my wife, she told me that the neighbours had spat at her on the staircase, and called the police to investigate her. Clearly no-one had told them that the laws about litong waiguo (having illicit relations with foreign countries) were no longer in operation.

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Well, yeah. America is superior to France. We have more freedoms. We are wealthier. We are more powerful. Dumber? No. America leads the world in technology. And as for xenophobic, we do not have a Ministery of Culture whose main job is to try to keep French culture and the French language 'pure'. Now that, mon ami, is an example of xenophobia. And your Ministery of Culture is gonna be working overtime on that Muslim time bomb that's ticking away. Good luck. No on second thought, get fucked!

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Planted within this sermon was a seed of hubris that would sprout occasional xenophobic outbreaks throughout the remainder of United States’ history. The current clamoring to “secure the border” by conservative groups within the United States represents only the latest of examples of xenophobia in America.The church is expected to be prophetic at all times. Unfortunately, in the post Beyers Naudé era, the church’s prophetic voice has been silent. For instance, during the 2008 xenophobic violence in South Africa, the voice of the church was not heard in the way it used to speak during such incidents in the time of Beyers Naudé. During the post Beyers Naudé’s ministry period, apart from the aforementioned example of xenophobia, many incidents have continued to happen, which have challenged the prophetic role of the church. Examples of these are the general decline in morals, manifesting itself in high levels of rape, torturous criminal activities and corruption, predominantly in government. The church should therefore be in a position to minister to all sectors of society including the state.
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very simple example of xenophobia is as below.

Read up on xenophobia….Hitler was the most prominent example of xenophobia and he persecuted anybody who he thought would rebel against his demon’s rulership.

An example of Draculas xenophobia is when Dracula comes out of his coffin in the beginning on the..

search examples of xenophobia in south africa it gets graphic

The massacre of Srebrenica, where 7 000 Muslims, mainly boys and men were killed by Serbian forces, remains one of the world’s worst examples of xenophobia.

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The Balkan conflict is another example of xenophobia

if you wish to make one about your denial of the Islamist agenda based upon your limited anecdotal experiences with Muslims, perhaps you should start a new thread. And yet youre the one who brings out the accusation that all Muslims are out to convert or kill us all. Cute deflection there and a textbook example of xenophobia.