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As the start of the new school year approaches, we wanted to remind educators and students of the excellent free resources DPIC offers. Our college curriculum, , uses a case-study model to introduce students to the death penalty system and allows them to access more in-depth research on a variety of topics, such as innocence, race, and mental illness. Each case includes relevant links to outside resources, including scholarly articles. Our covers the history of the death penalty, arguments for and against capital punishment, and an introduction to the legal process. It features interactive maps with state-specific information. This award-winning curriculum is now available as an innovative for the iPad. Students doing projects or writing essays on the death penalty can visit our page for suggested research questions and sources on a variety of issues. Both of these curricula have already been used by students and teachers around the country and internationally. DPIC's website received a 5-star educational rating from (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching), a program of the California State University, in partnership with higher education institutions, professional societies, and industry.

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There are several points that you could use when writing a death penalty argumentative essay. These are the different points of view that people as well as countries have regarding the death penalty. Ensure that your points are based on researched facts and that they are supported by indisputable evidences. Here are some facts that you could use in your argumentative essay on the death penalty:-

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That translation work led to a series of essays on the death penalty, inspired by a seminar that Derrida taught, that Wills is currently working on.

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War Crimes and Human Rights: Essays on the Death Penalty, Justice and Accountability

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This story is one of the finest, most compelling essays on the death penalty I have ever read. It ranks with Norman Mailer's The Executioner's Song in its understanding of the complex human problems at the heart of the story.

This story is one of the finest, most compelling essays on the death penalty I have ever read

synopsis of “A Bible Study”.from Essays on the Death Penalty, T

A Full Chapter on Argument. Chapter 2, offers students guidelines for reading arguments critically and writing strong arguments of their own. It provides five professional readings, including classic and contemporary essays on the death penalty and two additional essays for analysis.