works closely with Elinor Mompellion in attempting to learn what they

The main characters consist of Michael And Elinor Mompellion and the heroine Anna Frith. ... He was a abject to sin yet wound up sinning gravely in one of the worst ways of all.I recall the scene of Elinor's death vividly. ... I see him run towards her smothering her filthy body and rotting daughter in a huge hug and Elinor joining in.&#...

attacks and kills Elinor Mompellion in an act of deranged revenge.

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Elinor Mompellion is a quiet and intelligent person. She is very forgiving and reluctant to judge others as she has experienced many different things in her past. She is married to Michael Mompellion. Elinor offers to help people out when people start passing away from the plague and Anna helps her. Elinor acts as a mentor towards Anna recognising...

Elinor Mompellion sits with Anna and Jamie, and she admits that Mr

There are many scenes that demonstrate to the audience the true hero that Anna Frith really is. Transforming from a lower class servant into a self-assured and resourceful woman, Anna is heavily relied on by her villagers during the Plague crisis-and rightly so. Following the Gowdies death, Anna steps up to take responsibility as ‘healer’ of the village of Eyam. With her best efforts, she joins with Elinor Mompellion in researching and developing particular remedies for the disease, in aim of curing their suffering patients. Along with this, Anna attends the bedsides of the sick and dying, sacrificing her own health and well being in order to comfort others. This is no doubt a true act of altruism-a vital characteristic for someone to be deemed a ‘hero’. Due to these acts of...

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Elinor Mompellion: the minister’s wife is highly literate, relatively non-superstitious for this pre-scientific period, and liberally reformist in religion. Elinor observes that healing is much called for in plague time. The dying can be made more comfortable, but few ever recover. However, the healthier one is the less likely it is one will succumb to plague. Thus they develop their two fold principles of triage.They were four days digging out Sam's body. They took it straight to the sexton's instead of bringing it home to me. They tried to keep me from it, but I wouldn't be kept. I would do that last thing for him. She knew. "Tell them to let her go to him," Elinor Mompellion said to the rector in that gentle voice of hers. Once she spoke, it was over. She so rarely asked anything of him. And once Michael Mompellion nodded, they parted, those big men, moving aside and letting me through.
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Did you find that Michael and Elinor Mompellion ..

Year of Wonders is set in 1666 England in a small village called

Eyam. The main characters consist of Michael And Elinor Mompellion and

the heroine Anna Frith. After Anna’s husband, Sam, dies a lodger named

George Viccars takes up residence there and works at his trade as a tailor. I

bolt of cloth arrives from London that is infected with the plague. Yet sadly

even though Mr. Viccars died screaming to burn it all the villagers take all

that they paid to be done completed or not. Hence the plague spreads

feverishly fast throughout the community testing everyone’s resolve when

asked to take an oath to stay in the village to keep the plague contained.

Soon after the plague sets in heavily witchcraft, greed, and madness begins

to seep into the villagers spurring more loss. All is left up to The

Mompellions and Anna to stem the flow of death and be a pillar for the fast

failing faith in all the villagers’ hearts.

I believe Mr. Mompellion changed radically in the short span of one

year. He went from a very pious man, strong in the faith. To a man who had

lost faith…believing that there was no God. He began with a loving wife

and healthy mind and sound mind and ended up losing both in one

inglorious fall. He held up the community and in the end he could not even

hold himself up. He was a abject to sin yet wound up sinning gravely in one

of the worst ways of all.

I recall the scene of Elinor’s death vividly. I can see and hear the

scream of Aphra behind Mompellion. I see him run towards her smothering

her filthy body and rotting daughter in a huge hug and Elinor joining in. I

see the head of the long dead Faith POP off and go rolling in the green

meadows of Cucklett Delf. I see the wild thrash of the Aphra beaten by grief

and driven mad by solitude slash Elinor and then thrust the large blade taken

from the hands of her now dec...

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Anna Frith is a young widow living with her two small children in a lead-mining village in Derbyshire, England in 1665. Anna works as a housemaid at the local rectory. The pastor and his wife, Michael and Elinor Mompellion are not much older than Anna, but much more educated and genteel. Elinor befriends Anna and teaches her to read.

Elinor Mompellion shows will power by trying to forget about what happened to ..

Initially, Elinor Mompellion has little practical knowledge of life

Elinor Mompellion is a heroic woman as she gives selflessly to those in need in the village. Despite her troubled and sinful past, Elinor accepts the ‘punishment’ given to her by her husband and demonstrates determination in her service to others. She shows her great compassion as she acts as a mentor to Anna as she holds great influence on her, and has a willingness to teach and encourage her...