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Novikov screened 1,312 troops in his survey. He found that 28% were healthy and the other 72% had some type of psychological disorder symptoms, such as insomnia, lack of motivation, high anxiety, neuro-emotional stress, tiredness, and hypochondriacal fixation (when a soldier is primarily concerned about cardiovascular functioning. Frequently, this is expressed as concerns about heart attacks, difficulty in breathing, and may be diagnosed as a panic attack). It was reported that 46% of the sample exhibited asthenic depression, a weak, apathetic or retarded motor state; and the other 26% exhibited psychotic reactions such as high anxiety or aggressiveness, a deterioration of moral values or interpersonal relations, excitement or depression (psychotic disorders are those with marked stressors diagnosed by DSM-IV typically when there is evidence of delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, grossly disorganized behavior, or catatonic behavior). About 40% of those screened demonstrated a lack of neuro-psychological stability that included depletion of cardiorespirator system reserves and a deterioration in psychological self-regulation and communications capability. The longer a soldier was stationed in the war zone, as expected, the more radical the change in his neuro-psychological condition. Novikov termed this condition Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD, that is, Novikov used the English abbreviation (!) in the Russian original). The percentage of troops with combat stress disorders was higher than in Afghanistan, he added, which implied that combat in cities produces more combat stress symptoms than some other types of conflict, and consequently, is a category of combat that should be closely monitored.

one can see a great deterioration of moral values.

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Tata Power has recognized a need to inculcate good and positive values in school students in today’s age of consumerism and socio-economic disparity. To take a proactive stand on the same we are launching a Civic and Moral Values Programme to inculcate discipline in our future generation to educate all to be responsible citizens of the society. We hope to begin a movement that will arrest and reverse the deterioration of moral values in society!

is the deterioration of moral values among so many of their elders

The war made an indelible impression of Fridtjof Nansen. The mass slaughter of men in the flower of their youth, the ravages wrought among women and children and the aged by starvation and disease, the unbelievable material destruction, the deterioration of moral values, with its resultant brutalization, glorification of violence, and the blunting of the finest instincts – these things grieved and appalled him. Thus he looked upon the prevention of the recurrence of such destruction as a task that overshadowed all else; and, as did so many others, he pinned his hopes on the League of Nations, on the efforts of the new world organization to preserve peace, to lay the foundations of an international judicial system to promote disarmament, and to help alleviate the indiscribable need and sufffering left in the wake of the war.

Shouldnt the media be held responsible for the deterioration of moral values?
Even at present they play a mjor role in deterioration of moral values

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Venus, however, is afflicted by nebulous Neptune, which may indicate corruption of ideals and values. Expansive Jupiter afflicts Venus as well, indicating a craving for luxury and comfort that may result in the deterioration of moral values. These could be reflected in inflation and economic problems, since Venus has a "financial connection" as it is the ruler of Taurus, the Sign of money and property.

(d) Could genuine grammatical errors could lead to a deterioration of moral values

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It is a great concern for the people of Sri Lanka the increasing level of daily violence, rape, child abuse, and murder in the country and rapid deterioration of moral values in our society. It is also disturbing that some of the law enforcing officers (Police officers) taking the law into their own hands and treating the suspects in inhumane manner, making the situation from bad to worse. The top brass of the police must take action to discipline their officers who are exercising their duties against the law of the land. It is accepted that the law and order in Sri Lanka has plunged into a very low level during the last regime but it appears that the new government is not making any significant policy difference to rectify the worsening situation in the country. The time is right for the Minister who is responsible for maintaining the law and order in the country to come up with a short-term plan to curtail these violence activities as soon as possible and a long-term plan to restore the law and order in the country with strict guide lines for the police force to carry out their duties in a civilised manner when they confront the suspects.

This is the main cause of deterioration of moral values in the society

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The increased number of frequency of crimes from every age group is a terrifying picture of today’s America. It seems that people have forgotten all ethics, values and mannerisms to live in a society. Everyone tries to take disadvantage of the so called freedom. It is a deterioration of moral values and people have started behaving like animals or might be one can say worst than animals. The scientific reasons explained behind such behavior or crimes might be true but some where human beings themselves are responsible for that. It also reveals the ignorance of government regarding this changing scenario of the society.