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Lieutenant General R K Nanavatty, who headed Northern Command at the start of this decade and was feared and respected for his unwavering rectitude, says that he could see the current crisis coming: "I have always said that the biggest danger for our army was the gradual degradation of moral values. I could see morality eroding and this worried me because trust is the basis of military functioning."

Degradation of moral values in your educational system

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Degradation of moral values in your educational system?

The 1920’s were a time of corruption and the degradation of moral values for the United States and many other countries. World War One had just ended and people were reveling in the materialism that came with the end of it, new mass produced commodities such as motor cars and radios were filling people’s driveways and houses, money was more accessible (before the Great Depression). Cars were becoming a social symbol in the 1920s as we can see with Gatsby’s five cars, one of which he gives to Nick and one of which kills Myrtle Wilson later on in the novel. Herbert Hoover (an American President) said in 1925 “We will root out poverty and put two cars in every garage.”

Growing Violence Against Women And Degradation Of Moral Values

In general, selective abortions are a great sin. And the matter is not about Muslims. The matter is about the degradation of moral values, zeroing the role of a mother. This is unacceptable, since every unborn girl means her 2-3 unborn children and a demographic catastrophe after a while.

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Many evangelical Christians are rightly concerned about the degradation of moral values in America and direct their political efforts against secular or pagan liberalism. But to complicate matters, enemies of truth and goodness come in a multiplicity of forms. With growing discontent over increasing government influence and control in most aspects of life, conservative Christians sometimes find it easy to side with quasi-Christians who share a common liberal enemy and who even use Christian terminology. The Constitution of America, not God in Christ, is their highest priority. For others more extreme, it is white supremacist doctrine and an obsession with hate. Abanes has been studying religion and cults as founder and director of the Religious Information Center of Southern California. He provides the results of copious research on the rise of the movement in this book.Abstract
It is a disgrace for the Indian society, which considers the birth of a girl child as a bad investment in future. She is considered to be consumer rather than a producer, and this narrow viewpoint of the Indian patriarchal society has lead to horrid practices like female infanticide and female foeticide. The present study was conducted in Punjab that has assisimilated one of the lowest sex ratios of the country. For the study, 240 respondents were taken from three districts of Punjab viz., Ludhiana having low sex ratio, Bathinda having medium sex ratio and Ferozepur having high sex ratio (according to provisional census of 2001) Majority of the sample taken for study approved of the heinous act of female foeticide. Escalating demands of dowry was cited as the main reason for it. Daughters were unable to provide social security to parents and called for unnecessary investment on themselves, the fruits of which were taken away by the in-laws. The respondents feared that the decline in sex ratio might lead to degradation of moral values in the society resulting in polyandry, violence against women, red trafficking etc. The suggestive measures which flew unabated from the study included strict implementation of laws banning female foeticide and dowry, providing old age pension for parents who had no son, free and compulsory education for girls, job reservation for women in specific occupations and giving them an equal share in the property, in the true sense of the word.
Competitive society- Huge competition in society also leads to degradation of moral values

Essay on degradation of moral values in todays youth

Different entities have unperceptively introduced elements which, slowly but surely, have managed to accustom humankind to things directed at paving the way towards decadence, for example the harmful fashions and social customs.
Art, a means to represent feelings of the spirit, has also been a way to achieve a degradation of moral values. Today it is through godlike characters like rock stars and movie actors, among others, that large masses of youngsters are reached turning them into synchronized automatons, breaking down all conduct and wish to elevate the spirit, and inducing them to use drugs, violence, etc…

use of technology has resulted in degradation of moral values in youth

Degradation of moral values is happening at alarming pace

“I am severely protesting and condemning the barbarous incident as a little boy named Sheikh Samiul Alam Rajon had been beaten to death by some miscreants in line with an allegation of stealing in front of the workshop, situated in Kumargaon bus stand area of the Sylhet-Sunamganj highway on last 8th July morning. The brutal murder of Sheikh Samiul Alam Rajon exposed the high degradation of moral values among the youths of the society. This barbarous incident also proved that, the youth section of the society had been engaged with various criminal offences including rape, murder, tender terrorism, extortion and drug business due to corruption and misrule of the incumbent government. The law and order situation of the country have been rampantly deteriorated as the law enforcement bodies are being used to carry crackdown on the opponents instead of maintaining law and order. The public life and property is not safe now.

First of all let ask one thing why blame youth for the degradation of moral values

to a degradation of moral values

While the leader of AIUDF Legislature Party Hafiz Basir Ahmed Qafimi refuted the charges of Ahmed, people from different walks of life feel that the issue is evidence of the degradation of moral values in politics.