Example 6.2. Defining the custom UserType

For .NET 1., the method is required if the serialization of a custom type in the is needed. Deserialization in .NET 1. requires a public constructor that accepts a string argument.

Example 6.3. Defining the custom CompositeUserType

That's the basic scheme. You also provide a helper method to register the custom type:

prefix be used for custom type names to distinguish them

Note that for each Oracle UDT used by the application, there must be a unique custom type factory. Additionally, for Oracle Object Types, the custom type factory must return a custom type that uniquely represents the specified Oracle Object Type. For Oracle Collection Types, the custom type factory returns a custom type that can be used by other Oracle Collection Types. This is common when an custom type that is an array type represents an Oracle Collection, that is, when an is used to represent a collection of s.

A custom type can be modified only in the following ways:

The application can specify a custom type mapping using a custom type factory. The application supplies the name of the Oracle UDT, in the format , to an object and applies the name to the corresponding custom type factory. A custom type factory is a class or struct that implements either or both the and interfaces.

You'll need to make sure this method is called before saving or loading any custom types
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This interface is used for conversions between custom types and Oracle UDTs.

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During data retrieval, the application uses the custom type mappings to convert an Oracle UDT to a custom type. When data is provided back to the database through an input or input/output parameter, or by an update through an Oracle , the application uses the mappings to convert the custom type to an Oracle UDT.

These methods enable conversion between the custom type and its string representation.

SharePoint Foundation enables you to create custom field types

To create a custom type that represents an Oracle Object, the custom type or a separate custom type factory class must implement the interface.

The  object specifies the mapping between a custom type (or an array type) and an Oracle UDT.

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