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It is essential that you understand how Shakespeare's representation of conflicting perspectives in Julius Caesar include other key characters, events and situations, all of which were influenced by the context of England under the Tudor reign. The study also requires you to understand the influence of the dynamics of the thrust stage and the genre of tragedy.

Conflicting Perspectives in Julius Caesar

The representation of multiple conflicting perspectives in Julius Caesar does not ensure..

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Hey Mrs. L, I am trying to find a second related text for conflicting perspectives in Julius Caesar and I’m finding it really difficult. I already have a movie, and for my trial i focused on the personality of Brutus, in particular his continual ingorance of Cassius’ advice, which turns out to be spot on, and the aftermath of Caesars death; Brutus’s guilt and how it is represented, the difference that Caesar’s death makes to the characters treatment of one another. This fits in well with the movie that I have chosen, but I need another text incase they specify two. Do you think you could make any suggestions? A short novel or short story would be fantastic.
Thanks, Maddy
P.S I thought of using the play Equus as my text, but I am unsure if this would be suitable for C.P?

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The fourth book in the Emperor series about the intertwining lives of Julius Caesar and ..

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Firstly, Metaphor is used to present conflicting perspectives in Julius Caesar particularly between the Tribunes and the commoners In Act 1, scene 1. We see the commoners celebrating and we can hear their carefree attitude through play on words; "cobbler", and this is then contrasted with the use of metaphor by the Tribunes. It begins as a class distinction "you blocks, you stones, you more than senseless things" in order to present the fact that the Tribunes are higher in status and think lowly of the commoners. It contrasts the language quality between the two types of characters and thus presents this class distinction. Metaphor is then used again when they speak of Caesar presenting the first and biggest conflicting perspective of the play, "who else would soar above the view of men and leave us all in servile fearfulness." This compares Caesar to a large bird and captures the view of the Tribunes apposing Caesar and fearing his power. This presents a conflicting perspective to the commoners whose playful attitude shows they support Caesar. The tribunes use metaphor to dramatically and effectively present their perspective of Julius Caesar and his power and how they fear he will make them slaves. It also shows the contrast of the classes and their conflicting perspectives; the people love Caesar yet the higher classes do not.

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Brutus replies that he has been quiet because he has been plagued with conflicting thoughts

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