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The client uses MS Excel, and maintains their records, however it is not possible them to share the data from multiple system in multi user environment, there is lot of duplicate work, and chance of mistake. When the records are changed they need to update each and every excel file. There is no option to find and print previous saved records. There is no security; any body can access any report and sensitive data, also no reports to summary report. This Computerized Enrollment System is used to overcome the entire problem which they are facing currently, and making complete atomization of manual system to computerized system.

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Computerized Enrollment System
I.0 INTRODUCTION Information System (IS) or application landscape is any combination of information technology and people's activities using that technology to support operations, management, and decision-making. In a very broad sense, the term information system is frequently used to refer to the interaction between people, algorithmic processes, data and technology. In this sense, the term is used to refer not only to the information and communication technology (ICT) an

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school. Thus, to avoid errors in enrollment, it will be an instant remedy, which is the development of a computerized enrollment system ... . Modern and high-end ICT...

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of Computerized EnrollmentSystem for Public High school to provide solution to the problem encountered by the school in operating its manual enrollment system...The developer has chosen Ebenezer Montessori Christian School, Inc. to design and to develop a computerized enrollment system. Ebenezer Montessori Christian School, Inc. was founded in the year 1995 by Mr, Filomeno L. Bartolome & Mrs, Cresencia S. Bartolome, They envisions an education institution that shall emphasize the importance of fearing God an institution that produce not only students who excel academically and...The project involves a series of studies that covers all the requirements of creating a computerized enrollment system. The goal of the study is to provide an efficient computer-based system that will easily update, retrieve, and maintain student records. The developer’s main concern is to make a system that will help to speed up the process. The subject of this study is the Enrollment System of Ebenezer Montessori Christian School, Inc. The study aims provide a system that will serve their Registrar accurately and with efficiency in matters related to their enrollment. 1.1 Background of the StudyThe project is entitled “Computerized Enrollment System”,category “RDBMS”. Hence before discussing any thing about the project Computerized Enrollment System, a brief disscussion of related basic concept is necessary.
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It started when its founder, Rado D. Racimo was still in college preparing for its thesis, entitled Computerized Enrollment System of Our Lady of the Pillar College Cauayan, his alma mater. From the thesis proposal in Year 2000 which in turn became the first large scale project which was delivered successfully it is now the main product that Radztech is providing.

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As a software developer or as a programmer,we are expected to design and develope any program that works correctly, efficiently and the time is easy to be used by every person, who may or may not be well versed wiht computer and its capabilities.
The Project is based on the Computerized Enrollment System, Being the Information System it requires extensive use of some Data base Management System to store, manipulate and handle the huge and complex record, In RDBMS we can act various attributes with the database like editing the records, Modifications Deletions of the records, View the records in various formats, listing the database etc. Project can be categorized by their functioning and relation with their database and other tools can categorize project. Since this project has been developed based on the Relation Data Base Management System So Proposed system comes under RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) category, as there is need to store and manipulate a huge amount of data related to patients as per various queries.

example of scope and limitations of a computerized enrollment system proposal

advantages and disadvantages of computerized enrollment system

Hence, there is a need of reformation of the system with more advantages and flexibility. The Computerized Enrollment System eliminates most of the limitations of the existing software. It has the following objectives: