How is classical smog different from photochemical smogs?

The word smog was used initially to describe 'smoke fog' prevalent in England, in early and middle of the last century. Coal was then widely used to heat homes and as an industrial fuel. London is famous for its smoke fog of 1952 when 4000 people died from its effects over a four-day period.Now days, the mixture of particulates with gaseous oxides of sulphur present in atmosphere is called classical smog. The principal source of classical smog is the combustion of industrial and household fuels (coal and petroleum). Because of the presence of SO2 and carbon (soot) particles, classical smog has a reducing character. It occurs in winter months particularly in early morning hours. It causes severe lung and throat irritation.

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Smog is a common form of air pollution found mainly in urban areas and large population centers. The term refers to any type of atmospheric pollution—regardless of source, composition, or concentration—that creates a significant reduction in atmospheric visibility. Smog encompasses a broad category of air pollutants created through a multitude of processes that relate specifically to the atmospheric conditions of the formation region. In the early 1900s, London was plagued by a particular type of smog that resulted from a combination of dense fog and soot from coal combustion. In modern times, the Los Angeles Basin is often associated with dense photochemical smog, produced through a combination of vehicle exhaust and sunlight. These are two of many examples of pollution classified as smog, but they are in no way chemically related. Smog refers to a diverse category of air pollutants with varying chemical composition; however, all types of smog form a visible haze that reduces atmospheric visibility.

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Classic smog is named after London, which often has foggy conditions. In old days, people burned coal for heat, and when it was cold and foggy, they burned even more coal to stay warm. Coal contains small amounts of sulfur, which turns into SO2 and SO3 gases when burned (together referred to as SOx). SOx combines with H2O moisture in the air to form sulfuric acid, H2SO4. H2SO4 droplets can deposit on structures, corroding them. H2SO4 droplets can also be inhaled, causing lung damage. This type of smog episode would persist over several days and nights, until the foggy or cold weather stopped and people stopped burning so much coal.

There are two categories of smog to be covered: classic smog and the more recently described photochemical smog.
There are two categories of smog to be covered: classic smog and the more recently described photochemical smog.

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Smog is a result of physical and chemical activities between various pollutants released from smoke stacks in the presence of fog (thus the word smog). Classical smog refers mainly to plume of sulfur oxides and particulate matter generated from the combustion of coals and petroleum products. It is formed primarily in the early morning, during winter months, and in places of high humidity where condensation of water vapor over smoke particles is easier. The notorious London “fog” discussed above is a good example of this type of smog. Photochemical smog is very different from classical smog because it is formed under specific meteorological conditions and only when a large amount of sunlight is available. It forms when nitric oxides and hydrocarbons react in the presence of sunlight to produce ozone; this ozone can be further oxidized to produce nitric dioxide and other photochemical oxidants.

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Can I just point out that there is a significant difference between classical smog (as in 1952) and photochemical smog (as in Santiago). Classical smog is due to the combination of particles from the burning of coal, and fog. Photochemical smog is, however, entirely to do with the photochemical reactions of pollutants (most notably hydrocarbons, ozone, and NOx). Though a temperature inversion is required to trap the pollutants, and a temperature inversion can create fog, the two types of smog are independent of each other.